Making the Sliding Box Camera

Making the Sliding Box Camera: For Wet Plate Collodion or Daguerreotype Photography

Making the Sliding Box Camera: For Wet Plate Collodion or Daguerreotype Photography

by Ty Guillory

Learn how to construct a camera in wood, dating back to the daguerreotype era.


Introduction from Ty Guillory:

The sliding box camera is a very early camera design dating back to the daguerreotype era, though it can be used for any of the plate photography methods.  The all-wood construction lends it to be a beautiful piece of a working photographic tool.
This book covers the entire construction phase.
I aim this book to the experienced woodworker who is familiar with some traditional joinery.  Some of the joinery such as the hand-cut dovetails may be substituted with box joints or finger joints.  Mitered spline joints may be used in place of the mortise & tenon joints used in the book.  Though aimed at the experienced woodcrafter, I feel that those with limited experience may be able modify the methods and techniques to fit their needs.
In the book, I cover all aspects of the camera making process; including lens selection, adapting my measurements for your needs, ground glass, making the acrylic inserts, brass-work, and more.  3D diagrams and color photos help you to visualize the process.
Diagrams within the body of the book are in inches; however, those same diagrams in mm are reprinted in the back of each book.
Books are spiral bound so they will lay flat on workbench tops.  Printed on 60# paper with laminated cover.  Typed print is larger than normal to ease reading from a distance in the woodshop.

About Ty Guillory

Ty Guillory began building cameras for his own journey into wet plate collodion photography. After experimenting with different designs and format sizes, he made the decision to supply other photographers with wet plate cameras. Honing his woodworking skills on those early cameras, he began making cameras for some of world’s best collodion photographers and has shipped his cameras all over the globe. Ty’s work has been featured in numerous printed publications and television programs.

Make the sliding box camera by Ty Guillroy

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  1. I have hered a great deal about your cameras from my dad.

    I look fowred to reading your newletters.

    I can not bleve how fore we have become since the Sliding ox camera was builted.

    It looks like a great camera that you guys had in the pasted.

    From Leann Ruth M

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