Liquid Silver: Paper, Objects and Dry Plate with Brittonie Fletcher @ Stills Centre for Photography, Edinburgh, Scotland 25 & 26 November 2023 Saturday & Sunday, 11am-5pm

This 2-day course will introduce you to the magic (and basics) of hand applied silver gelatin. You will learn to use light sensitive liquid emulsion that can be applied to different surfaces and exposed to produce a photographic image. The many possibilities of the technique means it is used by painters, sculptors and print makers as well as those who like to have more control over their photographic images.

Please bring along your own negatives (film or digital) to contact print from or get in touch with Stills when booking and we will produce a digital negative for you.

Day 1
We will begin by making our own silver gelatin paper which we will expose and print in the darkroom to produce a handmade photograph.

After going through the basics of the process we will explore printing on other materials such as wood, ceramic, shells etc.
Some materials will be provided but please feel free to bring along any objects that you would like to try printing on to.

Day 2
In this session we will move on to the Dry Plate process: darkroom printing onto glass

We will continue printing on glass and also try creating glass plates to expose in camera.

By the end of the course you will have produced:

Two prints on paper
Two prints on different porous material objects
One glass plate

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