Lilac, common (Syringa vulgaris)

“Sommar syrener” by Malin Fabbri
Parts used: Petals
Application: Brush
Exposure time: 6 hours
When and where: Sweden, July, summer, 2008
Substrate: Watercolour paper
Rating: ***

Anthotype emulsion from black currant and lilacs
Anthotypes from lilacsAnthotype emulsion from: Lilac, common (Syringa vulgaris)
Amount: A handful for each print
Extracted using: Mortar
Thinner: Tap water
Layers: 3
Used to create image: Photogram of petals

Challenges or observations:
The purple-blue petals crushed in a mortar and mixed with a little tap water produced a nice golden-toned print in a very short time.

Emulsion from Black Currants will make a strong pink anthotype print whereas Lilacs will give you a more gentle anthotype print.

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