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Libby Mornement photographer

Libby Mornement explores cyanotypes – many inspired by water and sea – and sells her work in her business Bloemen & Blue. See her work here.
From: Wiltshire, UK.
Shows: Cyanotypes.

With no formal art or photographic training, Libby Mornement’s 3-year venture with cyanotype has been one of pure experimentation & she continues to attempt to cyanotype anything, and on everything. The possibilities of the alchemy of Irons with Sunshine to produce Art seem endless.

Just as Herschel intended, cyanotype allows Libby Mornement to indulge her love of scale and line drawing to create photograms and ‘blue prints’ – but using this ancient process in all its forms not just the traditional ‘dry’ process, and rarely digitally. Most often Libby prefers to push all the process variables (sometimes all together, sometimes with more control!) and produce layers over time – seascapes that speak of possibilities beyond the horizon.

Cyanotype as a process has a wildness that enables you to harness but never tame. Sometimes frustrating every print still has a part that wants to shine and some of the best images appear as ‘happy accidents’. This is particularly true when painting with the ‘wet’ iron solutions & introducing additional PH altering solutions – painting with light when the final reveal isn’t until the final rinse. The end result is a palette of Blues far beyond just cyan and Prussian blue.

“Be brave enough to be rubbish at something new and the creative process becomes your path.”

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