Kenneth Jackson

Kenneth Jackson loves printmaking and the labour intensive alternative processes. He works in everything from landscapes to portraits.
From: Chatham County, North Carolina, USA.
Shows: Cyanotypes, Gum bichromates and Ziatypes.

Kenneth Jackson is a photographic artist who is largely self-educated in the craft, esthetics, and history of the medium. His pictures range widely in subject and have included natural and made landscapes, still life, portraits, and the nude. Working at the threshold between ordinariness and underlying mystery, Jackson approaches his photographs as poetic visual meditations which, he hopes, express deeper beauties of this passing world and our brief lives.

Jackson loves the craft of printmaking, and feels that a photographic impression is incomplete and unrealized until it is expressed as a physical print. For much of his work, Jackson has turned turn to time- and labor-intensive alternative processes such as ziatype, cyanotype, and gum bichromate to create unique and small-edition prints. This helps keeps his work grounded in the physical, sensual world of objects while following his instinct for getting below the surface of things.

In recent years Jackson’s work has gained wider recognition and has been exhibited around the US and overseas and sought by collectors. He and his wife Rochelle make their home at Crow Hill, on a wooded hilltop in rural Chatham County, North Carolina, USA.

About my Practice of Photography

“Light and time leave traces, then comes a remembering and ripening of those traces, resulting in a print. It can be a slow process, but in this age of the quick and facile, that suits me fine. “


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