Katarzyna Kalua Kryńska

Katarzyna Kalua Kryńska photographer

Katarzyna Kalua Kryńska from Warsaw, Poland works in several alt. photo. proc. and shares her dreamlike emotive cyanotype art.
From: Warsaw, Poland.
Shows: Cyanotypes.

Katarzyna Kalua Kryńska specializes in emotional photography, portraits, and fine art photography, using traditional and alternative photography. As an enthusiast of analog photography, she works with photosensitive materials. She experiments with a variety of 19th century photographic processes like wet plate collodion, Vandyke, salted paper, and cyanotype. Katarzyna Kalua Kryńska is an architect, designer, and photographer with a Ph.D. in photography and belongs to the Association of Polish Artists Photographers.

Katarzyna Kalua Kryńska is a winner of the Black & White Spider Awards, the International Color Award, and Photos de Femmes, and her works from the series Between Two Moons in the wet plate collodion technique achieved first place in the Wet Plate Competition, Canada. With Silence to the Heart cyanotype series she won the Grand Prix at the Vintage Photo Festival, the series Blue Moon Garden won her the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards. Katarzyna Kalua Kryńska’s photographs have been shown in numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Poland, Ireland, Portugal, Holland, Germany, Spain, and the US.

“I am fascinated by alternative techniques due to the process where each print is unique, created by hand, without rush. There is room for mistakes, but also plenty of room for freedom, experimenting and developing your own style.”

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