Jim Read

Jim Read likes to do things his own way has contributed with how-to articles on making your own contact print frames amongst other things.
From: Midlands, UK.
Shows: Cyanotypes.

Jim started photography in 1990 purely as a pastime and decided to go down the exhibition route to hone his skills. Over the next ten years he had, or took part in 11 exhibitions in the Midlands area of the UK.

Jim Read came to Cyanotypes in 1996 when he found the formula in the 1947 BJP Almanac and decided to have a go. When he got to be fairly confident at producing images he went back to the black and whites with hardly a second thought. In 2002 increasing concerns about the waste of water and materials made him reflect on the simplicity of the Cyanotype process. He now uses a digital camera, and makes the negatives in his computer, can be as creative as he likes and use about as much power as Scrooge allowed Bob Cratchit in candles.

“I’ve always enjoyed being in woodland and I love the light on pathways. After the hectic bustle of our city lifestyle to go out and make a few woodland pictures is a joyful experience… There is nothing like an exhibition deadline to make you go out and get good pictures.”

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