Jason Lane

Jason Lane, a self-taught dry plate photographer from New Hampshire shows his landscapes.
From: Brookline, New Hampshire, USA.
Shows: Dry plates.

An optical engineer and lens designer by profession, Jason Lane’s interests outside of work also center around the manipulation of light. Jason has long enjoyed film photography, as it presented a diversion away from the high-tech industries that he works in. Combining the love of traditional analog processes and technical challenges, Jason taught himself the process of dry plate photography. The complex process of making the emulsion from scratch, mastering the techniques of preparing the glass plates and coating them, and the unique characteristics of photographing with dry plate appeal to Jason’s inherent interest in technical challenges. The imperfections inherent in the process highlights the personal touches and individual effort that goes into the process. Primarily photographing in the local area, Jason has earned a reputation for unique and stunning photography with this medium, participating in local shows, presenting to the photography classes at the local high schools, providing photographs for the town’s historical chronicle, and displaying prints in local public offices.

“I love the look of the old emulsion, but also appreciate the imperfections inherent in hand-crafted dry plates. They highlight the creative effort that goes into practicing the craft.”

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  1. Hi Jason,
    I am interested in 4×5 dry plates and currently your ETSY site says out of stock. Any idea of when they might be available?
    Thanks very much,

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