Jan Van Leeuwen

Jan Van Leeuwen was born in 1932 in Amsterdam and is now a renowned cyanotype artist showing his alternative photographic process prints.
From: Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Shows: Cyanotypes and Kallitypes.

Jan Van Leeuwen was born in 1932 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. His work has been published in countless of publications, fromThe photo reviewto most recently inArt in Americaand exhibited around the world. Jan also give lectures from time to time.

Akron Beacon Journal in Ohio says about Jan Van Leeuwen’s work:

“Jan Van Leeuwen uses still life to convey moods and ideas, images that serve as calm, quiet counterpoints to his often emotionally raw self-portraits. Indeed, van Leeuwen, like his countryman Van Gogh, sees the still life as “flower portraits” and, as such, aspects of his self-portraits.”

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