International FotoFest Kaiserslautern, September 15 – 18, Warsaw – Prague

International FotoFest Kaiserslautern

September 15 – 18

Exhibition Günther Wilhelm
Warsaw – Praga – morbid beauty

Opening September 15, 18:30
Greeting Dr. Regina Heilmann


Richard Wagner-Str. 55
67655 Kaiserslautern, Palatina

Friday, September 23, 2022 from 7:30 to 9:30 pm:
Dr. Regina Heilmann, the director of the Ludwigshafen City Museum, will talk about important aspects of Günther Wilhelm’s artistic work
with a focus on the current exhibition. This will be followed by an artist talk between the two in front of the audience; questions and comments from the audience
will be given enough space.

Saturday, October 1 from 3 to 5 p.m.
To conclude the exhibition, a finissage will be held on the last day of opening. Over snacks and drinks, artist Günther Wilhelm and Dr. Regina Heilmann will look back on the exhibition period and offer a first glimpse of the more extensive special exhibition to follow in Ludwigshafen.

Warszawa-Praga – morbid beauty
On the right bank of the Vistula lies Praga, an old neighborhood that survived the almost complete destruction of the Polish capital during World War II largely unscathed. The destruction began under socialism and is now continuing under neoliberal capitalism. Particularly impressive are the colorfully decorated altars dedicated to the Mother of God that can be discovered in the gray backyards.
Günther Wilhelm has approached the place with photographic techniques such as rubber printing and other noble printing processes. The selection of images is a preview of a solo exhibition opening in cooperation with the Stadtmuseum Ludwigshafen.
Welcome: Dr. Regina Heilmann, director of the Stadtmuseum Ludwigshafen.

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