Infrared – from capture to print – 2 day workshop with Danielle Edwards & Gale Spring, March 10 & 11, 2023 Goldstreet Studios, Trentham, Victoria, Australia


Day One. From capture to negative.

The first day covers an explanation of how infrared imaging works, how it differs from traditional photography and how it interprets different subjects. It also covers issues of camera conversion, lens selection and explains all the options to help you decide how to customise your camera to meet your needs. You will understand infrared reflectance, how the camera represents tonality and how the camera interprets exposure, as well as post-production requirements to create a digital negative that best represents the results you want. By the end of day one, you will have photographed a scene that can be used to produce a negative that may be used to make an alternative processes print.

Day Two: From negative to print.

With knowledge gained from day one you will critically evaluate your images and create a digital negative. You may decide to adjust your image by re-shooting and/or re-printing your digital negative. Tonal range and exposure are very different for infrared imaging than for traditional photography. The digital negative for infrared printing will also differ for each alternative process. You must consider matching the characteristics required from IR capture to making the negative with respect to your selected alternative processes print.

Day two concentrates on refining your negative to match the tonal characteristics of the specific alternative process. By the end of the day, you have produced a good quality digital negative and produced a print using an alternative processes printing method.

Things to bring to the workshop:

Camera: If you already have an infrared converted camera, please bring it to the workshop. If you do not have an IR converted camera, we will have one available for use in the workshop. If you are intending to get a camera converted, we advise you not get your camera converted before you attend this workshop. We can advise you on what options to consider when converting your camera to suit your individual needs.

Laptop: Bring a laptop with image editing software and a USB or hard drive to work on your images and take them with you at the conclusion of the workshop.

Optional: If you have infrared images you have already taken bring them along if you have questions and for comparison and or evaluation

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