Indra Moonen

Indra Moonen from the Netherlands, shows her Wet Plate Collodion Black Glass Ambrotypes portraits.
From: Netherlands
Shows: Wet plate collodion, ambrotypes

Indra Moonen was born in 1983 and took up photography almost 9 years ago when she started her photographic studies at Syntra Hasselt, Belgium. Last year she graduated in the Specialisation Grade of Photography at the State Academy of Arts, also in Hasselt.

At the end of that time Indra Moonen realized after watching a short film by Quinn Jacobson performing the Wet Plate Collodion process that that was what she wanted to do. She started gathering information, contacted Quinn who helped her setting up and within a year had all necessities put together to start out. At last the workshop she attended by Jeroen de Wijs was the final push to feel absolute confident enough for trying it at home.

Since then Indra Moonen has been bitten by the “Alternative-Process-Bug” and hopes to taste more different areas soon with, as a part of it, the goal of sharing her knowledge with other people. So far she makes wet plates on black glass 8×10″ and hopes to grow bigger in the near future. She currently lives and works in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

“Besides this obvious special aesthetic feel to the plates the cumbersome nature of the process has drawn me towards it. In a world of digital hastiness this feels like the perfect kick in the butt it needs. I can use it to emphasize my horror towards today’s superficialness as it’s so the opposite with showing all the flaws. It’s the flaws that make for perfect.”

The images here are Wet Plate Collodion Black Glass Ambrotypes.

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