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Günther Wilhelm photographer

Günther Wilhelm has been working with historical photographic techniques for 20+ years. He shares his gum bichromates here but also works in a range of other processes such as cyanotype, salt, albumen and kallitype.
From: Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany.
Shows: Albumens, Cuprotypes and Gum bichromates.

Günther Wilhelm, visual artist from Ludwigshafen on the Rhine, has been working with historical photographic techniques, the so-called “Edeldrucke”, which involve transferring a photography on paper using a wide variety of methods, for over 20 years.

Günther Wilhelm mainly works with Gum Bichromat, but also Cyanotype, Salt- and Albumin Print and Kallitype – a technique to obtain particularly pleasant sepia tones.

Almost forgotten processes, such as the Cuprotype based on copper salts and the Negrography (also: Gumoilprint) are sometimes used.

The artist usually finds his motifs in the immediate vicinity, which he explores on foot, by bicycle and by public transport. He takes the pictures with an analogue camera including a tripod and with a pinhole camera.

His preferred field of work is nature, which he finds in the Rhine floodplains and in the Palatinate Forest. In addition come castles and ruins, morbid buildings, abandoned industrial plants and abandoned military installations.

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