Geoff Chaplin

Geoff Chaplin was born in the UK but lives in Japan. He works with large format cameras and favours the gum bichromate process.
From: UK, lives in Hokkaido, Japan.
Shows: Gum bichromates.

Geoff Chaplin is a British born artist living in Hokkaido, Japan. Geoff has worked with large format cameras for 40 years and currently uses 8×10 and 12×20 formats for all of his alternative process work. He favours gum printing because of its inherent strong character and the flexibility it gives him. Geoff also produces salt prints, pinhole images, and works with paper negatives.

Having programmed computers for over 30 years Geoff has absolutely no interest in – and quite a strong aversion to – any form of digital imaging. For him the physical process of using large format cameras, developing (and sometimes making) his own film and crafting his own prints is an immensely satisfying part of producing art. But he does not see the craft process as an end in itself. The principle aim of his art is communication and he generally works thematically. The current selection of images is from the “Hokkaido Barns” series and depicts the uniqueness and mature beauty of these old buildings and the relation they have to the farmers who built them.

“I seek to combine my image style, my hand in production, and the hand of nature, to produce unique images – each different even if from the same negative – but sympathetically matched to the subject matter.”


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