Geertjan Plooijer

Geertjan Plooijer

Geertjan Plooijer was inspired by his parents who had a strong interest in photography. Geertjan works with large format photography and uses processes like cyanotype, salt prints and vandykes.
Born: The Netherlands, lives: Mörlunda, Sweden
Shows: Cyanotypes, Salt prints and Vandykes.

Geertjan was born in 1957 in Utrecht the Netherlands and now lives in Mörlunda in Sweden. Both his parents where photographing and filming. When getting his first camera at the age of 12, he spent much of his time in his father’s darkroom. After his military service he went to art college in London and got a degree in photography.
After several years having a studio in Amsterdam and one in the northern part of the Netherlands (Frisian) he moved to Sweden. Where he now lives en works. About 65 % of his work is done with large format camera’s and old processes like cyanotype, salt print and vandyke print. Most of his work is Landscape and fine art work.

His landscape and fine artwork has been influenced by artists as Edward Weston, Man Ray en Izis.

His work is in several museums and private collections all over the world.
All his old process artwork is handmade en most is printed in the sun. Every artwork has his signature and has a embossed mark ( GP )
Most of his color work is printed as giclée.

“Photographs can form the way how we see, how we understand the world where we live. The automation of photography has shifted the main role in the creation process from the photographer to the camera. Returning back to hand-made photographs you can rediscover fundamentals and maybe find something. If not faith, if not hope, then at least a dream.”

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