World Cyanotype Day 2023 gallery – Inheritance

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The 30th of September 2023 is World Cyanotype Day, read more here and on World Cyanotype Day’s official website. The theme of the year is Inheritance. 

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Artists with a gallery on

Artists that also have a gallery on will be displayed with a link to the gallery so you can see their full portfolio. To get a gallery, take a look here.

➥ Anne Guest, UK, Little memory See Anna Guest’s gallery
➥ Bernd Hutschenreuther, Germany, Clock, Cyanotype toned with tannin See Bernd Hutschenreuther’s gallery
➥ Bridget Arnold, UK, Honesty Instagram: @bridget9696 Facebook: @Bridget Arnold See Bridget Arnold’s gallery
➥ Chris Byrnes, Australia, In my sisters garden See Christ Byrnes’ gallery
➥ Colin Knight, USA, Blueberry Cobbler Instagram: @cgk305 See Colin Knight’s gallery
➥ Cissy Spoelstra, The Netherlands, My mothers hug Instagram: @cissyspoelstra See Cissy Spoelstra’s gallery
➥ David Lowe, England, For Sale Instagram: @handalteredphotomontages See David Lowe’s gallery
➥ Dennis Humphrey, Canada, It’s in my DNA Instagram: @kamiya_artisan See Dennis Humphrey’s gallery
➥ Émilie Léger, Canada, Salem MA Instagram: Facebook: @Emilie Leger See Émilie Léger’s gallery
➥ Fidan Nazimqizi, Azerbaijan, Traces brought by a candlestick from a past generation Instagram: @_fidan_nazimqizi Facebook: @Fidan Nazimqızı See Fidan Nazimqizi’s gallery
➥ Kate Jordahl, USA, Stave Church, Norway Instagram: @katejordahl Facebook: @Kate Jordahl. See Kate Jordahl’s gallery
➥ Kasia Kalua Krynska, Poland, Blue Skies Instagram: @kasia.kalua.krynska Facebook: @Krynska Kasia See Kasia Kalua Krynska’s gallery
➥ Larz Grenier, USA, Name Instagram: @larz_grenier See Larz Grenier’s gallery
➥ Perdita Phillips, Australia, Armless man with goats See Perdita Phillips’ gallery
➥ Nan Wollman, Tucson, AZ, USA, Urn Holdings Instagram: @nanwollman See Nan Wollman’s gallery
➥ Nancy Breslin, USA, Frida’s Necklace Instagram: @nbres See Nancy Breslin’s gallery
➥ Natalia Tcherniak, Canada, CMU Instagram: @nattchbob See Natalia Tcherniak’s gallery
➥ Palle Lindgaard-Jørgensen, Denmark, Otto Instagram: @lindgaardpalle See Palle Lindgaard-Jørgensen’s gallery
➥ Pedro Leal, Portugal, Our Shared Inheritance Instagram: @pedromendesleal Facebook: @Pedro Mendes Leal See Pedro Leal’s gallery
➥ Rita Mungiardi, Italy, Cinderella’s slippers into the wild See Rita Mungiardi’s gallery
➥ Ralph Rinke, Canada, Coins Instagram: @ralphrinke See Ralph Rinke’s gallery
➥ Robert A. Schaefer Jr., USA, Reaching See Robert A. Schaefer Jr.’s gallery
➥ Sonja Schaeffeler, Switzerland, Hibiscus Inheritance See Sonja Schäffeler’s gallery
➥ Wendy Currie, Australia, The Compact he gave Instagram: @wmc999 See Wendy Currie’s gallery

World Cyanotype Day 2023 map - artists from 40(!) countries took part!
World Cyanotype Day 2023 map – artists from 40(!) countries took part!

Countries represented:

➥ Argentina
➥ Armenia
➥ Australia
➥ Azerbaijan
➥ Belarus
➥ Belgium
➥ Bosnia and Herzegovina
➥ Brasil
➥ Bulgaria
➥ Canada
➥ Chile
➥ China
➥ Colombia
➥ Denmark
➥ Ecuador
➥ Finland
➥ France
➥ Germany
➥ Guernsey
➥ Hungary
➥ India
➥ Italy
➥ Japan
➥ Kuwait
➥ Mexico
➥ The Netherlands
➥ New Zealand
➥ Peru
➥ Phillipines
➥ Poland
➥ Portgual
➥ Serbia
➥ Slovakia
➥ South Africa
➥ Spain
➥ Sweden
➥ Switzerland
➥ Turkey
➥ UK

All artists taking part here in World Cyanotype Day 2023:

➥ Aaron Krumhansl, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Camera de mon Pere Instagram: @akrumhansl Facebook: @Aaron Krumhansl
➥ Abdulaziz Alrabea, Kuwait, Bond Instagram: @azizsalr
➥ Adeline Flohic, France, YUMA
➥ Agata Mergler, Poland, Tree Inheritance Seen through a Camera Obscura Instagram: @agamer22022022 Facebook: @Agata Mer
➥ Agnes Greta Erdelyi, Hungary, Her Crochet Instagram: @erdelyi.agnes.greta
➥ Agnès van’t Bosch, Canada, Monarch Migration Memory
➥ Aianne Schramm Coelho, Brasil, Reflexo Instagram: @_aianne
➥ Aileen Penner, Canada, Tensile Strength Instagram: @aileenpennerart
➥ AJ Anderson, UK, Inheritance Instagram:
➥ Albena Nikolova, Italy, Inheritance Instagram: @albenank Facebook: @Albena Nikolova Visual Artist
➥ Alessia Siragusa, Italy, Dropsof Memory Instagram: @siragusalessia
➥ Alexandra Barbareau, UK, Bonnet Shopping 1 Instagram: @allie.barbs (Co-lab with Model @dakotablacy Styling @mollybrennanart Garments @urtekka @rugisthedrug) Facebook: @Alexandra Barbareau
➥ Alfonso de Castro, Spain, El Traslado
➥ Alia Mobarik, Scotland, Blueprint of Hope Instagram: @aliamobarik
➥ Allen Filloon, USA, Memento Mori Instagram: @afilloon Facebook: @Allen Filloon
➥ Allison Waddle, USA, Boy in the Woods
➥ Amanda Lee, USA, Spring Ephemerals
➥ Amanda Watts, Australia, Places to call home Instagram: @amandawatts.create
➥ Amber Gutierrez Alvarado, USA, Hilos de Vida Azules Instagram: @syrcasyrca
➥ Amy Heller, USA, Like Mother Like Daughter Instagram: @amyhellerartist Facebook: @Amy Heller
➥ Ana Camilo, Portugal, Nature Instagram:
➥ Ana Clara Nascimento Santos, Brasil, Casa de Vข Instagram: @aralcanaaa
➥ Andie Dale, UK, They should inherit the earth Instagram: @andiehsd
➥ Andrew C, USA, Untitled
➥ Angela Silva, Philippines, Money isn’t everything Instagram: @alegnaavlis Facebook: @Angela Silva
➥ Ania Krypska, London UK, Postcard from the familiar Instagram: Facebook: @Anna Krypska
➥ Anita Miller Sackman, USA, Our Children Will
➥ Anna Butler, USA, Walk In the Park
➥ Anna Clara Ribeiro, Brasil, Interrogação Instagram: @clararibeiroart
➥ Anna M, USA, Untitled Instagram: @Anna.Melchers4
➥ Anna Maniak, USA, Watch Your Step Instagram: @am_rose97
➥ Anna Oh, USA, Pearls in Nature
➥ Anne Guest, UK, Little memory Instagram: @anneguest.artist
➥ António Rebolo, Portugal, António
➥ Archana Verma, India, Happydays Instagram: @Cyanoblustudio
➥ Ashok Viswanathan, India, Monastry Inle lake Instagram: @ashokviswanathan Facebook: @Ashok Viswanathan
➥ Aurelie Mascart, France, Me & Grandpa Instagram: @aureliesnts Facebook: @Aurélie Mascart
➥ Aylin Green, USA, Anneanne’s Silver Purse Instagram: @aylingreen Facebook: @Aylin Green
➥ Ayo V, USA, Untitled Instagram: @AyoFlyo
➥ Bailey Hall, USA, Poignant Pearls
➥ Bartholomeus, Belgium, Rose
➥ Bea van Golen, The Netherlands, Heron scissors Instagram: @beavangolen
➥ Becky Brinkley, USA, Silk gauze Cyanotype with fold resist and ginkgo leaf Instagram: @becky.brinkley
➥ Bengisu Çaygür, Turkey, Untitled on plaster Instagram: @bengisucaygur
➥ Bernd Hutschenreuther, Germany, Clock, Cyanotype toned with tannin Instagram: @hutschinetto
➥ Bloemen and Blue, UK, Inheritance Cubes Instagram: @bloemen_and_blue
➥ Bonnie O App, USA, Looking back Instagram: @bonoapp
➥ Bradleigh Stockwell, USA, Dead Piano Mouse Facebook: @Bradley Stockwell
➥ Brenna Schreiber, USA, Underneath Instagram: @photography_club_uwrf Facebook: @Brenna Schreiber
➥ Bridget Arnold, UK, Honesty Instagram: @bridget9696 Facebook: @Bridget Arnold
➥ Buğra Kibaroğlu, Turkey, Thirst Instagram: @bugrakibaroglu
➥ Burcu Böcekler, Türkiye, Lace
➥ Buse Kızılırmak, Turkey, Past History Facebook: @Buse Kızılırmak
➥ Caitlin Weeks, USA, Silver Promise
➥ Caleb Busby, USA, River Bride
➥ Carla Rocha, Portugal, Transparencias Instagram: @cyano__experiences
➥ Carlos Lalvay Estrada, Italy Instagram: @pica_pica_pica_pica_pica_pica
➥ Carolina Carmini, Brasil, O caminho Instagram: @caos.analogico
➥ Caroline Stealey, UK, Grannys Button Dish Instagram: @carotextileart
➥ Catherine Orr, UK, Their spoons were tarnishe Instagram: @blue_botanica
➥ Cathy Comstock, USA, Prussian Girl Instagram:
➥ Cedric Muscat, Inheritance
➥ Charlotte Bédanne, France, Succession Instagram: @wisteria_sinensis
➥ Charmaine Boggs, USA, Polski Babcie Instagram: @cboggsart
➥ Chloe Wu, USA, Luminous Lace
➥ Chris Byrnes, Australia, In my sister’s garden
➥ Chris R, USA, Untitled Instagram: @melaficerum
➥ Christiane Schatz, Germany, First life Instagram: @trennbild
➥ Christine Acebo, USA, My Niece Paige
➥ Christine Kashuba, Canada, This Moment Instagram: @christinekashuba Facebook: @Artist Christine Kashuba
➥ Cindy Jin, USA, Moonlight
➥ Cissy Spoelstra, The Netherlands, My mothers hug Instagram: @cissyspoelstra
➥ Claudia Agnolon, Italy, DNA Instagram: @bottegadelsoleblu
➥ Claudia Rippee, USA, From Seed Instagram: @eyeclaud
➥ Clive Pigott, New Zealand, Handedness, Lobes, Eyes Instagram: @artfuldodgephoto
➥ Colin Knight, USA, Blueberry Cobbler Instagram: @cgk305
➥ Colin Penley, USA, Grandfather’s Gift Instagram: @cyan_pen
➥ Collaboration between Or David and Nia Aretakis at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, Canada, Our City Instagram: @evyenia.a and
➥ Cristina Saez, Spain, The show will go on Instagram: @cristinasaezart
➥ Cynthia Johnston, Canada, My posthumous inventory Instagram: @cincejohnston
➥ Dalene Marais, South Africa, Pegasus descending from Cosmos Instagram: @Magdal578
➥ Dani Leon, Brasil, Lationoamerica Feminista Instagram: @fotodanileon
➥ Danilo Pedruzzi, Italy, Bergamo Magnolia Instagram: @danilopedruzzi Facebook: @Danilo Pedruzzi
➥ David Gould, UK, Memorabilia Instagram: @davidgouldartist
➥ David Jeffery, Sweden, Save your inheritance
➥ David Lee, Australia, A Victorian Femme Fatale Instagram: @thelaughingfaun Facebook: @David Lee
➥ David Lowe, England, For Sale Instagram: @handalteredphotomontages
➥ David M-B, UK, What was lost Instagram: @david_mb_artist
➥ Denise Gomez Markowski, USA, Underneath it All
➥ Dennis Humphrey, Canada, It’s in my DNA Instagram: @kamiya_artisan
➥ Diana Smith, Canada, Mystery woman
➥ Diana Stinyard, Italy, Mount Gauro Instagram: @dianacstinyard
➥ Dinah Harner, USA, Midnight Special Facebook: @Dinah Harner
➥ Donna Moore, USA, My Mother’s Button Necklace Instagram: @donnamoore32
➥ Dorotea Firek Couprie, France, Time Instagram: @dfc_74
➥ Douglas Stockdale, USA, Sublimation Instagram: @douglasstockdale
➥ Downingtown STEM Academy, USA, Inheritance. Created by Pranathi Munagala, Will Metz, Ava Manni, Lauren Leshko, and Justin Seegers, teacher Janette Romano. Instagram: @dasdstemvisualart
➥ Edward Peck, Canada, Surfacing in the Ice Flows Instagram: @sassamatt Facebook: @Ed Peck
➥ Ela Gibulska, Poland, Nothin happens twice… Instagram: @elzbietagibulska Facebook:
➥ Eleanor Buffam, Scotland, Kaleidoscope Eyes I Instagram: @EleanorBuffam Facebook: @Eleanor Buffam – Fine Artist
➥ Eleonora Lo Russo, UK, Nonna Instagram: @analog_babe
➥ Elisa Galelli, Germany, Exploring you Instagram: @fraukmnski
➥ Elizabeth Booth, USA, Young George
➥ Elizabeth Lee, Brazil, Knowledge Instagram: @a.beth.lee
➥ Elizabeth Yznaga, USA, We all started off grid
➥ Ella Hahn, USA, Euphoric Memories
➥ Ellaine Ban, USA, Red String
➥ Elżbieta Wójcik-Leese, Denmark, Almanac on autumn equinox Instagram: @elzbietawojcikleese
➥ Émilie Léger, Canada, Salem MA Instagram: Facebook: @Emilie Leger
➥ Eric V-L, USA, Untitled Instagram: @Paintbrah
➥ Erin Calamari-Kirwan, USA, My Grandmother’s Ring
➥ Estefany L, USA, Untitled Instagram: @Estefaneeheehee
➥ Ester Correa, Brasil, Ancestralidade amazônida Instagram: @antropologa.viajante
➥ Ethan, USA, Untitled
➥ Eva Brandin, Sweden, My window Instagram: @evagbg
➥ Fidan Nazimqizi, Azerbaijan, Traces brought by a candlestick from a past generation Instagram: @_fidan_nazimqizi Facebook: @Fidan Nazimqızı
➥ Florence Duesterbeck, Canada, Passing Them On
➥ Florian Wolf, Germany, Dino Instagram: @aflowertheday
➥ Francisca Michel, Chile, Herenecia del Animé, 1973 Tristeza de Jane Instagram: @cianofran
➥ Fruma Markowitz, USA, Karen’s Collection II Instagram: Facebook: @Fruma Markowitz
➥ Gabriele Reckhard, Germany, Broken Tree
➥ Gabrielle Boutemy, USA, Le Pont
➥ Gael E Phillips, Australia, Inheritance Instagram: @Gwazel Facebook: @Gael E Phillips
➥ Gemma Pepper, Switzerland, Aunt Ruth Instagram: @gempepper
➥ Genevieve Maynard, South Africa, Aedicule Instagram: @genmaynard
➥ Gerick King, Philippines, Anino Instagram: @gericking Facebook: @Gerick King
➥ Gery Oth, Luxemburg, Flow
➥ Gill Harrison, Guernsey, Circle of life Instagram: @gillharrisonart Facebook: @Gill Harrison Art
➥ Giulia Lagrotta, Brasil, Gerações Instagram: @giurassicart
➥ Greeshma, India, Mamama’s Vessels Instagram: @greeshmap
➥ Group Shot, University of Kentucky Student Photography Network (Photo Club) @PhotoClubUKY
➥ Hageta Tadevosyan, Armenia. Shadows Instagram: @hageta.jhassi
➥ Hailey Duan, USA, Royalty
➥ Heather, Schmaedeke, Germany, Supernovas Instagram: @hmsartphoto
➥ Hilda Lindström, Sweden, Dark side Instagram: @hildalindstrom_art
➥ Hiske Dooper, The Netherlands, Imbued with Memories Instagram: @toothfairy_productions_hiske Facebook: @Hiske Dooper
➥ Ildiko Kohalmi, Hungary, Small Labyrints Instagram: @cyano.k.avix
➥ Iliyana Grigorova, Bulgaria, rooster sings at 4am Instagram: @iliyana.grigorova Facebook: @Iliyana Grigorova
➥ Inês Valente, Portugal, Memory Instagram: @inesrvalente Facebook: @Inês Valente Photography
➥ Isaac Alencar, Brasil, Sem Título Instagram: @isaacbalencar
➥ Jackie Stoken, USA, Gingko Triad Facebook: @Jacqueline Stoken
➥ Jacques Piette, Normandie, France, Chataîgner remarquable
➥ Jade Degiorgi, Argentina, Lus Sanguinis Instagram: @jade.degiorgi Facebook:
➥ James Asava, USA, Ingrained Instagram: @asava99
➥ Jamie Paratore, USA, Flowers in December Instagram: @jamieparatorephoto
➥ Janet Fine, USA, Seeping Instagram: Facebook: @Janet Fine
➥ Janja Bijelic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poppy Instagram: @cijanjotipija
➥ Jaume Juncadella, Spain, About surprise, joy and heartbeats Instagram: @nonimatge Facebook: @Jaume Juncadella
➥ Javiera Godoy, Chile, La Viola Instagram: @native.cyanotype
➥ Jayanta Shaw, India, Kolkata street
➥ Jenn Wasserman, LA, USA, Grandmas Recipes Instagram: @jennbrookephoto Facebook: @Jenn Brooke Photography
➥ Jenn Wood, USA, Healing Flowing Instagram: @jennwoodart
➥ Jennie Gilling, UK, Grannie’s Sampler
➥ Jennie Hollier, UK, Inheritance Instagram: @jhollierart Facebook: @Jennie Hollier
➥ Jerome Bertrand, Canada, Birth Of The Oak Legacy Instagram: @jeromebertrandphoto
➥ Jill Welham, Scotland, Eternal Youth
➥ Jo Thomson, Canada, Gift from the Grouse Instagram: Facebook: @Florigin
➥ Joanne Rycaj Guillemette, Canada, Vivaces Instagram: @jorycaj Facebook: @Joanne Rycaj Guillemette
➥ Johan Alfraeus, Sweden, DNA
➥ Jonathan Smith, The family mine Instagram: @docutographer
➥ Jose Witteveen, Italy, William Instagram: @josewitteveen
➥ Julia Luz Brito, Brasil, Heran‡a Cultural Instagram: @__julia.luz
➥ Julia Sumangil, USA, Hoya pubicalyx Instagram: @juliasumangil Facebook: @Julia Sumangil
➥ Julia Zu, Brasil, S.T Instagram: @zuzzis
➥ Juliana Bezerra de Mello, Brazil, France, All the memories you left Instagram: and @cyan.ita_ Facebook: @Ju Bezerra de Mello
➥ Julie McMahon, UK, Common Treasury Instagram: @Mcfingerprints
➥ Julie Millowick, Australia, Past Times Instagram: @julie_millowick
➥ Kalina Milanova, Bulgaria, Inseparable
➥ Karen Auger, Canada, Fragile Earth 2 Instagram: @auger.karen Facebook: @Karen A. Auger
➥ Karen Browett, Ireland, Pops Hanky Instagram: @karen_browett Facebook: @Karen Bobaron
➥ Karen Molloy, USA, Cecilia
➥ Kasia Kalua Krynska, Poland, Blue Skies Instagram: @kasia.kalua.krynska Facebook: @Krynska Kasia
➥ Katalina Fuentes, Colombia, 1881 Instagram: @kataefe
➥ Kate Carroll, USA, Untitled
➥ Kate Heuston, USA, Biorhythmic Sway Instagram: @kate.heuston Facebook: @Kate Heuston
➥ Kate Jordahl, USA, Stave Church, Norway Instagram: @katejordahl Facebook: @Kate Jordahl
➥ Kathy Vukasovich, USA, Corgi Bride with Elenas Lace Mantilla
➥ Katie Volovsek, USA, Wisconsin, Yard fox
➥ Katomari, Japan, Peaceful harbour Instagram: @katomari_illustration and @katomari_cyan Facebook: @かと まり (katomari illustration)
➥ Katsuhiko Inagaki, Japan, Transportation
➥ Kazimierz Biernat, Poland, The silence of the trees Instagram: Facebook: @Mr Chlorophyll Art – KaZek Biernat
➥ Kelly Barfoot, UK, Inherit the Earth Instagram: @barfootk_art
➥ Kevin Barclay, New Zealand, interconnection
➥ Kevin Rose Schultz, USA, My Heritage Instagram: @kevin.rose.schultz
➥ Krista McCurdy, USA, Moonlight Instagram: @kristamccurdy Facebook: @Krista McCurdy
➥ Kristine Sargsyan, Armenia, Footprints Instagram: @christin.sargsyan Facebook: @Kristine Sargsyan
➥ Larz Grenier, USA, Name Instagram: @larz_grenier
➥ Laura Ferraguto, USA, Meadow – Goldenrod Instagram: @lauraferraguto
➥ Laura Kivela Schroeder, USA, Ins and Outs of the Family business
➥ Laura Parrales, USA, Blue Electriclines Instagram: @lauraparrales_
➥ Laurie Gabriel, USA, Northern New Mexico Instagram: @laurie_gabriel
➥ Laurinda Bellew, UK, The Old Button Box Instagram:
➥ Lee-Anne Wise, USA, Her Trousseau Instagram: @leeannewise_art Facebook: @Lee-Anne Wise Art
➥ Leilani Pierson, USA, Lacey
➥ Lenoir Nell, Belgium, Harvesting Instagram: @coccinell_l
➥ Liberty, France, Laundry in the sun Instagram: @libertyrosineart
➥ Lisa Gegare, USA, Victor & Theresa Instagram: @lisagegare Facebook: @Lisa Gegare Art
➥ Liz Wilson, Australia, Carl Cruising Instagram: @lizwilsonartwork
➥ Lynn MacAdam, Canada, Earth Embrace Facebook: @Lynn MacAdam
➥ Lynn MacAdam, Canada, Himalayan Honeysuckle in Blue
➥ Madie M, USA, Untitled Instagram: @MadieMcMillian
➥ Marcy Juran, USA, Holding Hands Instagram: @marcyjuran
➥ Maria Zazzarino, USA, Errors Forgotten Inheritance Instagram: @treszetas
➥ Marita Wai, UK, Hope Facebook: @Marita Wai
➥ Marlene Weinstein, USA, Dappled Maples Instagram: @marlene.weinstein
➥ Masen Danke, USA, Captive Instagram: @photography_club_uwrf
➥ Mathias Duarte, Brasil, Coragem Instagram: @mathiasduartephotos
➥ Maureen Cogan, USA, Nature’s Beautiful Blues Instagram: @mocogan
➥ Melanie Collie, UK, Shape of Land Inherited by Movement of the Ocean Instagram: @melaniecollie
➥ Melanie Schoeniger, Germany, Zangetsu Instagram: @_ma_vida
➥ Mihály Novák, Serbia, View from my window
➥ Milenko Divjak, Belgium, Uncle Tomi Slav’s Lorry
➥ Mindy Welland, USA, Nature’s Arms Instagram: @mindyy.w
➥ Mira Varg, Slovakia, As Above so Below Instagram: @miravarg
➥ Monica Amendola, Mexico, Sea Memories Instagram: @moni_amendola
➥ Monica Paez, Ecuador, Memory Instagram: @monicaapaezfoto Facebook: @Monica Paez Espinosa
➥ Montserrat Rodríguez aka nyx10110, Spain, My good reader Instagram: @nyx10110 Facebook: @Montserrat Rodríguez
➥ Nan Wollman, Tucson, AZ, USA, Urn Holdings Instagram: @nanwollman
➥ Nancy Breslin, USA, Frida’s Necklace Instagram: @nbres
➥ Natalia Tcherniak, Canada, CMU Instagram: @nattchbob
➥ Natalie Romdenne, USA, A Missed Angel
➥ Natasha, USA, Self Portrait
➥ Ned Lewis, USA, Grandfather’s Silent Key
➥ Nelson Batista de Deus, Brasil, Maria Instagram: @batistne
➥ Nicholls Ali, USA, Fablab Saturday Altadena Library Instagram: @gaylenicholls Facebook: @Gayle Nicholls-ali
➥ Nikki Gardner, USA, Thinking of you Instagram: @nikkigardnerphotography
➥ Olivia Ramuz, UK, Passing Light Instagram: @oliviaramuzphoto
➥ Palle Lindgaard-Jørgensen, Denmark, Otto Instagram: @lindgaardpalle
➥ Pam Du Val, UK, Inheritance Instagram: @starrygazypie
➥ Pam Kelt, England, Family Heirloom Instagram: @bluefernprints
➥ Paolo Saccheri, Italy, Family Quest Instagram: @paolosaccheri Facebook: @Paolo Saccheri
➥ Pat Wood, UK, Collodion Days
➥ Pedro Leal, Portugal, Our Shared Inheritance Instagram: @pedromendesleal Facebook: @Pedro Mendes Leal
➥ Penny Russell, UK, Bottom Drawer Instagram: @analogdaisies
➥ Pentti Somerharju, Finland, Young Elina Facebook: @Pentti Somerharju
➥ Pepa Busque, Spain, Inheritance
➥ Pepe Martínez, México, Sierra poblana en duotono Instagram: @pepemartinezz
➥ Perdita Phillips, Australia, Armless man with goats Instagram: @perditaphillips Facebook: @Perdita Phillips
➥ Phyllis Schwartz, Canada, I Think the Dog is Dreaming
➥ Piedad Aguirre, Chile, Tres Rosas Amarillas 1 Instagram: @mis_jardines_secretos
➥ Pilar Pedraza, Perú, Ritual andino Instagram: @pilarfotografa Facebook: @Pilar Pedraza
➥ Rajeev Peethambaran, India, Inheritance Instagram: @rajeev_peethambaran Facebook: @Rajeev Peethambaran
➥ Ralph Rinke, Canada, Coins Instagram: @ralphrinke
➥ Ray Harris, UK, Girl in blue
➥ Renata Buziak, Australia, By Your Hands Instagram: @renatabuziak Facebook: @Renata Buziak
➥ Renata Voss, Brasil, Mangifera Indica Instagram: @renatavoss
➥ Renee Podunovich, USA, Grandma Lenora’s Tea Cup Instagram: @blue_imaginarium Facebook: @Renee Podunovich
➥ Rhonda Lee Usipiuk, Canada, Sold Instagram: @rhondaleeusipiuk
➥ Richard Ray, USA, Inheritance Lost Instagram: @RichardRay5194
➥ Rikki Koplitz, USA, Eclipse Instagram: @rikkijo32145
➥ Rita Mungiardi, Italy, Cinderella’s slippers into the wild
➥ Robby V, USA, Untitled Instagram: @HeavyonYourHead
➥ Robert A. Schaefer Jr., USA, Reaching Instagram: @ras2pro
➥ Rodrigo Nery, Brasil, Minhas Rainhas Instagram:
➥ Romy Hosford, USA, This Land
➥ Ron Talis, France, Old Cherry Tree Instagram: @rontalis
➥ Ronald Butler, USA, Measured By Heart or Helen’s Biscuits
➥ Rosa Navarro, The Netherlands, Madonna Instagram: @rmnavarro_2000
➥ Rosella Pizzinat, Italy, Family Instagram: @rosipi__31
➥ Rosie, UK, When feathers appear angels are near Instagram: @soulfulsunprints
➥ Rozenn Dupré, France, Toukenn Instagram: @rozenn_photo
➥ Ruchita Madhok, India, Loosing the Fear of Flying Instagram: @ruchitamadhok Facebook: @Ruchita Madhok
➥ Rüdiger Beckmann, Germany, Polaroid Double Exposure Facebook: @Pixelwelten Photography
➥ Sander Martens, the Netherlands, Residual Memory Instagram: @sandermartensphotography Facebook: @Sander Martens
➥ Sandra Driljeux, Belgium, Grandmas Old House
➥ Sara M Diaz, México, Ellegado del progresoes destrucción Instagram: @sara2tumama
➥ Sarah Garrod, England, Dad’s Decanters Instagram: @SarahG.Photog Facebook: @Sarah Garrod Photography
➥ Sharlene Holliday, USA, Mommy Instagram: @colormineblue
➥ Shelby Graham, USA, My Grandmother Was A Flapper. Instagram: @grahamgallery
➥ Sherry Insley, USA, Shark Bait Instagram: @sherryinsleyart Facebook: @Sherry Insley Art
➥ Sisi Ansari, USA, The Thrombey Murder
➥ Sonja Schaeffeler, Switzerland, Hibiscus Inheritance Instagram: @sonjaschaeffeler Facebook: @Sonja Schäffeler
➥ Sonya de Laat, Canada, Forsythia Spring 2023
➥ Stefan Kamenov, Bulgaria, Grandmother s blue memories Instagram: @stephankamenov
➥ Stephanie Allington, Australia, Eucalyptus Fragments Instagram: @stepha_photography Facebook: @Stephanie Allington
➥ Stephen Furner, London, UK, Jazz Collective Instagram: @stephenfurner
➥ Steve Lovegrove, Australia, Feather Instagram: @darkarts_australia Facebook: @Dark Arts Photography
➥ Suanne Peterson, USA, Petals
➥ Şükriye İnan Çalapkulu, Turkey, Noname
➥ Susana Gassmann, Argentina, A same sun Instagram: @susana.gassmann
➥ Sydni Harkins, USA, Reflections (1 of 1)
➥ Tati Sampaio, Brasil, Dind¡ Instagram: @thatysamore
➥ Tee Chandler UK Shroud 1 Instagram: @fototee
➥ Tessa Laurans, USA, Legacy
➥ Thalea Brown, USA, Ill Give You Everything Trauma Included
➥ Theresa Afcha, USA, Blueprint 4 Instagram: @old___film
➥ Thesmar Fleur, USA, Nothing Happened Instagram: @fleurtdefrance
➥ Trish Burns, California USA, Our Lady Facebook: @
➥ Walt Polley, USA, Anthropomorphic tree trunk
➥ Wendy Currie, Australia, The Compact he gave Instagram: @wmc999
➥ Weronika Krekora, Poland, Bez tytułu Instagram: @weronika_krekora
➥ Whitney Rearick, USA, Invasive Inheritance
➥ Wiktoria Krekora, Poland, Bez tytułu
➥ Yuliya Kolbaskina, from Belarus, live in Poland, The bird in me flies wherever it wants. Instagram: @el_pajaro.blueprint
➥ Yvette Meltzer, USA, Inheriting Love for Lillies of the Valley Instagram: @yvettemaxine
➥ Zhikun Yang, China, The Breath Of Lakeshore Instagram: @zhikun.yang Facebook: @Zhikun Yang