Francie van der Wielen

Francie van der Wielen from the Netherlands. Prints in oil prints and bromoils.
From: Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
Shows: Bromoils and Oilprints.

Francie van der Wielen was born in Oss, the Netherlands and studied arts in Tilburg, where she came in Contact with photography. After this study, becoming more and more enthusiastic about photography she decided to study photography in Apeldoorn. When finished, she evolved from black and white photography into alternative processes, influenced by Kees Roosenboom who was a great teacher and inspirer.

Francie works both in analog and digital processes.

“I like to create my own world with my images. The use of alternative processes adds a new dimension to my work. It’s a perfect way to express my ideas.”

Francie van der Wielen lives and works in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.


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