Exhibition: Rooted in Nature, Museum of Dufferin in Mulmur, Ontario, USA, until October 21st

The latest exhibit to grace the curved walls of the 4th Floor Silo Gallery at the Museum of Dufferin is ‘Rooted in Nature: a botanical study of camera less art’, by Mono based artist Jo Thomson. The exhibition, featuring 29 botanical art works, is uniquely complimented by the elevated vistas of the surrounding countryside, that can be enjoyed from the multiple gallery windows. Located just an hour outside of the GTA, off Highway 89 & Airport Rd, the Museum provides a welcome break on your journey to cottage country, or whilst visiting nearby Mono Cliffs Provincial Park to enjoy the forthcoming Fall colours.

On view until October 21st is a new collection of distinctive cyanotypes and photograms, inspired by the 19th Century photographer & botanist, Anna Atkins and early pioneer of photography, Man Ray. The artist’s process involves cameraless techniques and a direct contact method between the organic materials and the light sensitive substrates, resulting in a true connection between the subject and the print. Beautiful, silhouetted forms reveal the delicate details of nature, all at true to life scale. The wild flowers & plants featured in the artworks are gathered from the local area and are commonly seen on the side roads and nearby hiking trails of the beautiful Headwaters region.

Jo Thomson’s background as a professional photographer, combined with her passion for the outdoors and an urge to reconnect with her analogue roots, greatly inspires her latest works. The minimalist black-and-white prints, that feature in the collection, are made in her studio, using traditional dark room techniques. In contrast, the striking Prussian blue cyanotypes are created outside in nature, by harnessing the natural power of the sun’s UV rays. Although both processes are based on traditional photographic printing methods, the artworks involve no camera or negative, resulting in entirely original works. In a world where mass reproduction is immediate and effortless, Jo takes pride in crafting something truly unique.

Artist’s quotes
“With this collection I’m inviting the viewer to focus on the unique form, fragility and translucent qualities of the organic subject matter, and to feel a sense of calm, connection and appreciation of the natural world that surrounds us.”

“Rooted in Nature’ will delight both botanical & nature lovers, analogue photographic enthusiasts and contemporary art collectors alike”

Show information
The exhibition runs from August 19th – October 21st, Tuesday-Saturday 11am-4pm, at the Museum of Dufferin, 936029 Airport Road, Mulmur, ON L9V 0L3
Standard admission fees to the museum apply
(Adults $5 / Senior $4 / Youth $2 +HST)


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