Exhibition: Oasis of Fragmented Memories, 11 – 24 September 2023, Romania

When: 11 – 24 September 2023, Finisage event: 21th of September 2023, 5:00PM

Where: Urban Cultural Center: Tailor’s Tower in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The Oasis is a refuge point for both digital and analog photography. Memories take on the melancholic shade borrowed from cyan. Fragments are the personal visions of the students who have rediscovered essentialized photography by returning to what it once was. The Oasis of Fragmented Memories is a collection of photographic artworks created by the students of the Cinematography, Photography, and Media specialization at Sapientia University from Cluj-Napoca, under the coordination of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mira Marincaș and Istvan Havadi-Nagy-David. Printing the images using the cyanotype technique establishes a connection between the digital realm of photography and its analog universe, opening up opportunities for experimentation for each exhibitor. Documentary, self-portrait, and abstract are genres explored in this exhibition and are overlaid with the visual impact of harsh light, essential for configuring an image for cyanotype printing.
The exhibition will be launched without an opening event; however, to coincide with World Cyanotype Day, it will conclude with a closing event on September 21, 2023, at 5:00 PM.
The exhibition is open from 11 to 24 September 2023 and can be visited at the Urban Cultural Center: Tailor’s Tower in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Photographs printed in cyanotype exhibited by: ANTAL Bence, BLÁGA Eszter, BOGÁCS Arnold, CSENGERI Orsolya-Erika, CSIKI Botond-László, DIMÉNY Andor, GÖRÖCS Tas-Nimród, HALÁSZY Kamilla, HAVADI-NAGY-DÁVID István, KOVÁCS Borbála, MÁRTON Zsombor, MARINCAȘ Mira, NAGY Ákos, NAGY Anita, PÁSZKA Róbert, ROKALY Balázs, SURÁNYI Dániel, SZABÓ Zsuzsanna, SZÉKELY Ákos

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