European Travelling Portfolio 2012-2013

European Travelling PortfolioThe fourth European Travelling Portfolio, started by Hellena Cleary and Alex Chater with photographers from Europe showing prints in alternative photographic processes.
European photographers
From: UK, Spain and France.
Shows: Cyanotypes, Gum bichromates, Temperaprints, Salt prints, Wet plate collodions.

The American part of the photo-alt list has had a travelling portfolio going for a number of years and in 2004 they agreed to have some submissions from the UK. Some Temperaprints were submitted. In 2006 Hellena Cleary and Alex Chater took the initiative to open The European Travelling Portfolio, with participants from Europe. Submissions are through correspondence on the photo-alt list.

The prints are approximately A4 size and will spend a long time travelling from participant to participant and perhaps to exhibitions too. The idea of The European Travelling Portfolio is to get to know each other better by becoming familiar with each other’s work.

Hellena and Alex intend to do another one next year and participation from other practitioners will always be welcome, so keep an eye out on the list and here.

Artists participating in the European travelling portfolio:

  • John Brewer
  • Alex Chater
  • Hellena Cleary
  • Jean Daubas
  • Juan Marti Gomez
  • Erick Mengual
  • Juan Miguel Jusdado
  • Ken Keen
  • Maurien Maron
  • Tom Sobota

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