Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes lives in New York City and Westhampton and she shows her lovely hand painted Infrared photographs here.
From: Born in Brooklyn, lives in New York City and Westhampton, USA.
Shows: Handcoloured infrareds.

Elizabeth Holmes is inspired by the spiritual qualities found in the land and seascapes around her. In her photographs, she uses these images as metaphors for those experiences that connect us to our inner lives and define who we are. She explores the vanishing rural landscapes of America, as well as wistful beach scenes imprinted on childhood memories.

Photographing with infrared film and then hand coloring on matte surface prints with oils and pencils, Elizabeth Holmes creates images that appear both dreamy and timeless. The hand-coloring process makes each photograph one-of-kind.

“I am always searching for visual references to the past and images that evoke a strong memory and define a sense of place.”

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