Edward R. Hamilton

Edward R. Hamilton
 is a mail order book business with thousands of books, many in photography. Discounts up to 90%! Write for catalogue.

Bookseller, Falls Village, CT 06031-5000 (Yes, this is the address!), USA
Email: ehccomments (at) edwardrhamilton.com
Website: edwardrhamilton.com
Ship: Locally



Also see books sold directly by authors


We only list the books on alternative photographic processes we truly recommend on the subject. If you buy books through a retailer, only a small percentage of the price will go to the author. If you choose the options where it says “Buy directly from the author” most of the money goes to the author. See books we recommend here.


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6 thoughts on “Edward R. Hamilton

  1. help I need to get a hold of someone so I can get my dvd’s and I can’t seem to connect with Edward r Hamilton bookseller company thanks

  2. I ordered some dvd,s the order was received on 3/30/ 2013 my check has cleared but I have not received my order
    I would really like to receive this order or send me a refund $67.05. I have never had this problem before thank you for taking care of this problem sincerely Stanley schindler

  3. I am attempting to obtain catalog order forms from Edward R. Hamilton for my nephew who does not have access to a computer or a copy machine. I requested these forms approximately 3 weeks ago and have not received a response. My nephew has the catalogs; however, he has already used the order forms provided. I have not been able to find a form on the internet. Please help me.

  4. I have been trying to get an online order form so I can order some books and cd’s and have them shipped to a friend of mine, but I’m having a lot of trouble get the form, everything I click on the page comes up blank, it not my computer, because this page and another one that shows the web pages come up—-Can I get some help with this—thanks Terry

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