Regal Photo Products Inc (previously Doran Enterprises Inc.)

Regal Photo Products Inc (previously Doran Enterprises Inc.) supply aluminium contact printing frames, from 8×10 inches to 16×20.

2779 South 34th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53215, USA
Phone: +1 (414) 645-2050
Ship: Locally

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5 thoughts on “Regal Photo Products Inc (previously Doran Enterprises Inc.)”

  1. Do you happen to have an instruction sheet for the TC-750 Temperature Control? A Doran product.

  2. Doran is now:

    Regal Photo Products Inc
    2769 S 34th St
    Milwaukee, WI 53215
    (414) 645-2050

    Phone number and company active as of 01/30/2022

  3. doran enterprises was sold to regal photo products. now the home of the ARKAY DORAN PREMIER AND REGAL LINE OF DARKROOM PRODUCTS. PHONE# 1- 800-695-2055

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