Donate to a charity and get an alt. proc. gift

Donate to a charity and get an alt. proc. gift – a cyanotype or a book – in return. This initiative was started by an artist in aid of the Ukraine crisis, and we follow suit and encourage others to do the same.

Alex Mavromaras cyanotype for charity
Cyanotype for charity!

Raised so far:

  • 362.90 USD for UNICEF from 4 different donations, thank you so much!
  • 340 USD for the Red Cross from 2 donations, thank you so much!

Here are options to donate and receive a gift, and if you are an artist who wants to join in this initiative, don’t hesitate, info below!

Alex Mavromaras will donate a cyanotype print (physical paper print) to anyone who donates 120 Euro to the Red Cross in Ukraine

Send proof of your deposit of an amount of 120 Euros or more donated to the RED CROSS in UKRAINE to Alex Mavromaras, along with your name and address and he will mail you this Cyanotype to the right, with a Certificate of Authenticity. The cyanotype you will receive is not a digital copy, but an original Cyanotype printed on 300g/m2 high-quality watercolor paper.

Contact Alex Mavromaras through Facebook / Meta.
Alex motivation for choosing the Red Cross:

“I am sure there’s a lot of good causes out there, but at this point in time, the RED CROSS is the only one I can verify as credible, reliable and transparent.”

Alex Mavromaras will make no money out of this sale; donations are made directly to the Red Cross.

Art and artists, edition 1Malin Fabbri will donate a copy of the book Alternative Photography: Art and Artists, Edition I to anyone who donates 30 Euro / 30 USD to UNICEF

Send proof of your donation to UNICEF of 30 Euro or 30 USD or equivalent amount to along with your email and you will receive a digital copy of the book Alternative Photography: Art and Artists, Edition I. The reason for choosing this book is that there are 100 artists in the book from all over the world.

“Hopefully, the artists of the world can stay united in the cause to keep children safe all over the world.”

UNICEF was chosen as a charity for their global work of keeping children safe, and also their current work in Ukraine with the humanitarian crisis of (as I write this) nearly 1 million refugees, many of them children. or Malin Fabbri will make no profit from this; donations go directly to UNICEF.

Do you want to join in?

  1. Figure out what to give – alt. proc. related. and which charity to give to.
  2. Email us at with the details and links to the charity. The payments have to go directly to the charity.
  3. We will add you to “the list”. It will be your responsibility to deliver what you promise. 🙂

We hope you join in.

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