Diana Bloomfield

Diana Bloomfield from North Carolina, USA, is a writer and photographer working in many processes: cyanotypes, gum, platinum, hand painted and platinum and palladium.
From: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.
Shows: Cyanotypes over platinum & palladiums, Gum bichromates, Gum over platinum and palladiums, Hand painted photographs, Gum tricolor, Platinum and palladiums.

A photographer for over 35 years, Diana specializes in 19th century printing techniques. Her images have been widely published and exhibited. A native North Carolinian, Diana lives and works in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she received her MA in English Literature and Creative Writing from North Carolina State University. She teaches these antique printing workshops throughout the country, and in her beautiful backyard studio.

“Most of my work focuses on the intersection of the past, and my memory of that past. Memories, fugitive and ever-shifting, are always subject to interpretation. Photographs, although also interpretive, remain forever tangible— a tactile, verifiable moment, stopped in time. The interpretive nature of both memory and imagery lends itself to a kind of narrative. And that’s the form that my work follows.”

“Creating one-of-a-kind images with these hand-applied antique printing techniques offers me real creative freedom and seems to mesh well with my images, which are always interpretive and suggestive in nature. The repeated layerings of the gum bichromate process, in particular, remove all the hard and clearly defined edges, resulting in softness and ambiguity– much like the way see and remember.”

Photographer is also featured in:

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