Dave Symonds

Dave Symonds is a retired Lighting Designer. He holds two Associateships and a Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society.
From: Born in Birmingham England in 1948 and now living in Newton Stewart, Scotland.
Shows: Bromoil, Mordancage, Oilprints, Photopolymer Gravure, Pinhole and Purell Transfer.

Dave took up photography in 1985 with his main interest being in mono printing and colour slide work. His introduction to alternative photography came by accident in 1997 when judging a photographic salon. There were a number of Bromoil prints showing, which captivated his attention. He immediately decided to take up the process and soon joined, The Bromoil Circle of Great Britain. These days Dave is retired and has more time to spare, so he experiments with many forms of alternative photography and non photographic printmaking, such as drypoint and lino-cut.

“Why alternative photography? No deep or profound reason, other than it’s great fun to do and it keeps me out of mischief.”

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