Cynthia A. Hurayt

Cynthia A. Hurayt photographer

Cynthia A. Hurayt, a pharmacist from Alpine, Texas, USA, uses the lumen print process to explore the capabilites of the right side of the brain.
From: Alpine, Texas, USA.
Shows: Lumen prints.

Cynthia A. Hurayt’s profession is Pharmacist. She lives and work in Alpine, Texas, USA. While using her left brain, she felt she needed something to utilize the right side of the brain. She began printing in the darkroom when everyone started turning to digital photography. Analog photography is still mostly left brain activity in Cynthia’s opinion.

Cynthia A. Hurayt began doing Lumen prints after discovering “Alternative Photography” website (this one!). She found that the Lumen process forces her out of my left brain much more. Composition is key, but the surprises of toning the print are fun! Cynthia hopes to keep evolving in the lumen process.

“Any day in the darkroom is a great day. Avoid looking at the trash bin.”

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