Cyanotypes on fabric – A blueprint on how to produce… Blueprints!

by Ruth Brown

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From the expert fabric printer comes a practical and well researched how-to book on cyanotypes.

Read an extract from Cyanotypes on Fabric – the previous edition.

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Cyanotypes on Fabric is a great resource for anyone doing just that – printing cyanotypes on fabric. It takes you through all the necessary steps, from choosing the right fabric, coating, printing and washing. It shows you how to use objects to create photograms and how to make a simple digital negative. Scattered throughout the books is also Ruth’s own work – a variety of plant designs on fabric and the work of 8 other fabric designers. So, go ahead and start a new fabric project!

About the book “Cyanotypes on fabric”:

The book has 96 pages in full color and includes chapters on:

  • Preparing the fabric (smooth, textured and restricted area backgrounds)
  • Making the prints, including photograms, digital negatives, manipulating the fabric and ‘putting it all together’.
  • Exposure
  • Processing
  • So you don’t want blue – toning, under-dyeing, over-dyeing and painting.
  • Taking care of your cyanotypes.

Statement from Ruth Brown:

Cyanotyping is a simple process for producing subtle, detailed images on fabric; Prussian blue and white – calm, cool, classical and utterly beautiful. Mix this technique from the 1840s with natural leaves and flowers or with modern digital negatives and, perhaps, with some textile techniques, and you have a wide range of image making possibilities.

The book

  • Printed: 96 pages, A4, perfect binding, full-color interior ink
  • Copyright: © 2016 by Ruth Brown
  • Language: English

About Ruth

Ruth is a textile artist and tutor based in the lovely East Riding of Yorkshire in England, teaching a wide variety of textile subjects, writing books and articles, and selling her textile based artwork. She has worked with cyanotype on fabric for many years. This is a revised and augmented version of her original book published 10 years ago.

Feedback on Cyanotypes of Fabric:

“Love the level of detail….even though I purchase pretreated fabric. It is good to know the process that takes place before I get the fabric. Also, I love the detail on the kinds of exposure, types of fabric and the photographs to illustrate the book. Nothing can replace actually seeing what you are referring to. Great job! Thank you for this resource.”

Franki Kohler

“I was very pleased with the book, its very easy to read and the instructions were helpful. Ruth Brown sent a thank you letter in the package which I thought was a nice touch.”

Laura Harbinson

“The book was exactly what I needed to learn these techniques, and the author has many innovative ideas.”

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  1. I have a question. I’m having difficulty printing on a %100 cotton canvas tote bag even I pre-washed it. I’m assuming it is to do with the canvas’ weight. It is a pretty heavy weight fabric, 270gr/sm. What would you suggest? Coating, drying and coating again and drying and coating again or just, coat it excessively, so that the solution gets inside the fabric?

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