Cyanotype workshop compendium – free

Download a free Cyanotype workshop compendium. For Cyanotype workshop for beginners using pre coated paper.

Writer / Malin Fabbri

Cyanotype Workshop compendium EnglishThis summer I held workshops in cyanotypes and made a compendium, last minute. It was a good deal of fun. No blood, but definitely sweat – during a rainy period and the UV light blowing the fuse – and a couple of tears from frustrated children with too high ambition for their masterpieces. But, mostly fun.

To make a long story short. Before the workshop I had a last minute “Oh darn, I should really have a compendium too!” situation. I made one and it’s now sitting here waiting to be used again. So, to save you all from last minute workshop panics, here it is. For free of course. Welcome to use it.

The cyanotype workshop compendium is for workshops for beginners using pre coated papers.

Good luck with your workshop!

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