Cyanotype on glass and ceramics – e-book by Galina Manikova

by Galina Manikova

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About Galina Manikova – in her own words:

Galina ManikovaGalina Manikova is an artist educated as a ceramist at the art academy Bezalel in Jerusalem in the 70-ies and later at an art and craft school in Oslo in the
80-ies. She started using photography on ceramics in 1973 and later worked with other materials and techniques as well. There are just a few people who work across the fields and techniques like she does. This background allows her to find similarities and compare possibilities across the techniques and the materials in her unique way, which she now wants to share. See more about her:

About content of this e-book Galina writes:

“I intend to take you through my way of working with cyanotypes.
There are lots of materials and resources to be found about this process in books, pdfs, on YouTube and in different internet publications, groups, and pages, as it is the easiest and the cheapest way to create images by a contact copy with almost anything, objects, plants or negatives, and on any surface like paper, textile, wood, glass, clay or anything else. As I have been working with, and teaching this process for over 40 years, I hope to be able to contribute to that collection of information in a valuable way. My work with cyanotypes has been published in several books.”

«Wet cyanotype, toned cyanotype, layered cyanotype, cyanotype in combination with other processes are all being rapidly explored and used by many artists all over the world today.

Artists hand-coat their own paper or other surfaces, such as wood, bone, glass ceramics, metals, concrete, leather, plaster, or stone. Cyanotypes can be created on nearly any surface if the specific procedures are followed.

Cyanotypes can be fired on metals, glass, or ceramics at different temperatures and under different firing atmospheres or processes like salt firings or raku. Al the variations of these methods will give a great variety of colours.

All the pictures in the book are mine, unless it is indicated otherwise, ©Galina Manikova

Every picture has a history or a story to tell. Behind every picture there lies a lot of work and a lot of learning. Please, respect that all the work and the time that has been used to achieve these results. I really want to share my knowledge, which does not mean that I want my work to get stolen or copied. There are so many other paths to take!

Learn and make your own pictures and images, explore the new possibilities!

One can borrow a lot of good ideas from the principals of graphic art and printing. It is also possible to combine cyanotypes with other photo-emulsions and other processes, most common are vandyke, gum dichromate and carbon. I worked a lot with eco-printing followed by cyanotype.

I will show and describe here some of the experiments that I have personally conducted and collected through the years.

This book is a work in progress. I plan to make several new editions to it after I complete more experiments and collect more documentation about the other artists working with cyanotypes on glass and clay.

By joining the Facebook group ”Cyanotype on glass and clay” one gets a possibility to follow up the recent research being conducted by both the author and some of the other participants, if they want to share their knowledge, contribute with own works and stay updated. All the new editions of this e-book will be made available later on.”

Wet cyanotype by Galina Manikova

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