Cyanotype gallery

Photographers and artists working in the cyanotype process. If you would also like to be represented in this Cyanotype gallery, this is how to get a gallery.

Henry Rattle

Henry Rattle’s long pursuit of fine black-and-white prints, guided by Fred Picker’s books and newsletters, has been overtaken by the greater freedom, frequent surprises, and uniqueness of handcoated processes. From:…

Carol Gula

Years ago, Carol Gula was seduced by the creative potential of the alternative photographic processes. She has been experimenting ever since. From: Florida, USA. Shows: Polaroid image transfers, Polaroid SX-70s,…

Beverly Evans

Beverley Evans has been interested in photography since she was a child but only became serious about it 6 years ago when she got her first SLR camera, she now…

Alexey Belov

Alexey Belov was born in 1973 in Zelenograd, Russia. where he studies at the Moscow Institute Of Electronic Technology. Alexey still lives in Zelenograd, near Moscow, and teaches math. From:…

Mike Ware

Dr. Michael J. Ware is a chemist and photographer, known for his work in alternative photographic processes. He has invented variations of processes and refined many of them. Here he…

Dawne Fahey

From: Sydney, Australia
Shows: Chemigrams, Cyanotypes, Encaustic prints, Gum bichromates, Lumen prints and Mordancage.
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Alexander Tkachev

From: Ohio, USA.
Shows: Palladium printing, Gum bichromate over palladium, Gum bichromate, Cyanotypes, Bromoil and Lith printing.
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Neil Souch

From: West Cornwall, UK.
Shows: Lith Printing, Lumens, Cyanotypes, Van Dykes, Gum Printing, Pinholes and Photograms.
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Sarah Lycksten

From: Hönö, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Shows: Albumen prints, Anthotypes, Bromoils, Cyanotypes, Liquid emulsions, Lith prints, Lumen prints, Wet plate collodions.
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Nan Wollman

North American photographer – West and West coast
From: California, USA
Shows: Cyanotypes
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Gene Bagdonas

From: Gungahlin, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.
Shows: Cyanotypes, Vandyke browns, Gum bichromates, Gum over cyanotype, Cyanotype/Vandyke over inkjet, Platinotypes, Ziatypes, Photopolymer gravures, Polaroid image transfers, Albumen prints, Tintypes – modern, Ambrotypes, Salt prints.
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Elizabeth Graves

From: San Francisco, USA.
Shows: Cyanotypes, Kallitypes, Photopolymer gravures, Vandyke browns, Vandykes over cyanotype and Wet plate collodions.
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Jim Hanson

North American photographers – East & East Coast
From: Michigan, USA.
Shows: Cyanotypes and vandykes.
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Olive Dean

UK photographers
From: Edinburgh, Scotland.
Shows: Cyanotypes, Pinholes and Lumen prints.
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Sarah van Keuren

North American photographers – East & East Coast
From: Philadelphia, USA.
Shows: Anthotypes, Cyanotypes, Gum over cyanotype.
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Rebecca Bruyn

North American photographers – East & East Coast
From: Truro, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA.
Shows: Cyanotypes.
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Jalo Porkkala

From: Pori, Finland
Shows: Anthotypes, Bromoils, Cyanotypes, Daguerrotypes, Kallitypes, Lith prints, Lumen prints, Mordancages, POP – Print out paper, Salt prints, Vandykes, Ziatypes, Wet plate collodions.
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Chris Byrnes

Chris Byrnes is an Australian photographer after spending 9 years taking a BA. She loves printmaking and shows her cyanotypes, pinholes and vandykes.
From: Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Shows: Cyanotypes, Pinholes, Vandykes

Diana Bloomfield

American photographer
North American photographers – East & East Coast
From: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.
Shows: Cyanotypes over platinum & palladiums, Gum bichromates, Gum over platinum & palladiums, Hand painted photographs, Gum tricolor, Platinum and palladiums.
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Wendy Currie

From: Melbourne, Australia.
Shows: Bromoils, Cyanotypes over gum, Cyanotypes, Pinholes, Vandykes over gum, Vandykes, Vandyke pinholes.
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Anne Storm van Leeuwen

From: Denver, Colorado, USA.
Shows: Cyanotypes, Gum over cyanotype, Gum tricolor, Gum over vandyke brown, Hand painted photographs, Polaroid image transfers, Vandykes.
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Malin Fabbri

Malin is the editor of this website, she experiments with a variety of techniques, anthotypes, cyanotypes, photopolymer grauvre, photosynthesis, pinholes, SX-70s and solargraphs.
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Shows: Anthotypes, cyanotypes, photosynthesis, pinholes, SX-70s and solargraphs.