4 ways to connect with alt. proc. people in our community

Part of being in our community is the opportunity to meet like minded people, who don’t give you a blank stare when you talk about alt. proc. and who doesn’t seem to tire of the subject. Take the opportunity to check in both at home and when travelling, it can be a very enriching experience!

Writer / Malin Fabbri

I set foot on New Zealand soil at 5 am. Blurry eyed but excited I rolled my luggage out of the airport. After a few steps I stop underneath a tropical tree and listen to a symphony of bird song. To a local it is most likely just a tree with ordinary birds, but to me it is exotic. The charm of changing perspective. I’m here on holiday and to meet up with one of my best friends, but of course I can’t help myself and have arranged to meet New Zealand alt. proc. artists. I want to know what is happening here, and I want to see the perspective of alt. proc. is on this side of the globe.

In Wellington I meet up with Clive Pigott and get to see a part of town I had not seen before, get countless travelling tips and things to see and do and of course get to have a nice discussion about the alt. proc. scene in this part of the world – being the capital of NZ it has surprisingly few photography exhibitions and Clive is a member of the Wellington Photography Society where he tries to influence them to take up gum printing.

I also take a ferry over to the South Island and met up with Rosie Horn in Nelson. We hang out for 2 days and as well as having local knowledge to all the sights I also get to see her workspace and her wonderful garden where we source plants for making chlorophyll prints. In the New Zealand sun, the prints expose in a day or two.

Malin Fabbri and Rosie Horn in Rosie's garden sourcing plants for chlorophyll prints.
Malin Fabbri and Rosie Horn in Rosie’s garden sourcing plants for chlorophyll prints.

I have been in contact with Rosie since the book Anthotypes – Explore the darkroom in your garden and make photographs using plants where I feature her biking around exposing anthotypes “on the road”. It was lovely to finally meet IRL. We also fit in a dinner with Ana Solo before I headed off and start my vacation.

This is just one example of many ways to connect. There is likely someone within easy reach to you who also share our passion. I would highly recommend adding yourself to our map and seeing if there is anyone to connect with.

4 ways to find alt. proc. artists:

  1. The map – make sure you add yourself to our map. We have had it for years, but we are now changing the format a little and suggest artists add their social media accounts, website or email (if you are comfortable doing this) or any other means of getting in touch. So if you added yourself a long time ago, add your contact details too.
  2. The gallery – the submenus are sorted by country and also shows the location of each photographer, so this is also a good way to find connections where you are or where you are going.
  3. Events – find workshops, exhibitions, festivals or talks nearby or at your destination, take a look, maybe you are lucky to find something nearby.
  4. Check out the World Anthotype Day entries. Artists are listed with their place and country. I know more than a few who connected this way!

Have fun and enjoy meeting new people!

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  1. Hi Galina,
    Click on the map or on the link or here:

    To add yourself to the map of photographers you need a Google account. Then…

    Click the  “drop” – add marker where you are
    Add your name and which process you work in and social media or website in the box
    Click the “Done” button
    If you make a mistake, click the location marker and edit it. Let us know if you need help!

    That’s it!

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