Claudia Wornum

Claudia Wornum from San Francisco takes pinhole photographs of landscapes. She also works with lumen prints, solarization and film acceleration.
From: San Francisco, USA.
Shows: Lumen prints, Pinholes, Film acceleration and Solarization.

Claudia Wornum grew up and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Trained as a fine art painter and figure drawer, initially photography was used solely as source material for her representational work in chalk pastel and charcoal pencil. However, experimenting with experimental photography became a greater focus and she began several series of pinhole and alternative process images. Around the same time she began solo backpacking in the Sierra Nevada mountains, moving away from figurative subject matter into landscape.

“There is pure magic in that the tiny pinhole of light containing the entire world. When I then solarize the film, I feel like the sorcerer’s apprentice, setting a narrow edge between control and chaos.”

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  • Email: claudiawornum (at)
  • Note on processes: Claudia has written 2 articles describing the processes involved in Film Acceleration and Solarization and layered negatives.
    The Pinhole diptych tree series are made from 2 side by side solarized Kodaliths (8″ x 10″ Ortho Litho films) contact printed on type C-print paper. Claudia uses a large dog kibble container pinhole camera. The other pinhole images are 120 mm panoramas are made from very expired color chrome films that are cross-processed in C-41 chemistry. The cameras for these are Danish Butter cookie tins.

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