Celebrate pinhole photography!

Writer and photography / Nancy Breslin

If you have a pinhole camera, or have been itching to use one, this is a great excuse to take part in pinhole day 2012.

Since we are getting near the end of April, we must be approaching Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Since 2001 the last Sunday in April has been a day to celebrate (and practice) lensless photography. Last year over 3,000 photographers from 67 countries participated by taking a pinhole photo on the designated day and then uploading it to the WPPD gallery. If you have a pinhole camera, or have been itching to use one, this is a great excuse. If you have never tried it, or are rusty, there is lots of information available at http://www.pinholeday.org/, including instructions and the locations of workshops. I made a short (5 minute) video – though you need to login – several months ago which gives some basics, including information on homemade and purchased pinhole cameras and samples of work by some pinhole artists.

WPPD has made me aware of how early our spring is this year. I have often photographed my garden for the event, and it looks like the blossoms I have captured on the last Sunday in April in years past will be long gone this time around. I don’t know yet what will catch my eye a week from Sunday, but I’ll be out there with one or more of my pinhole cameras, looking for inspiration.

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