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Thank you!

Happy new year! (2017 in review)

A big thank you to all contributors to during 2017! During the year a lot of things happened, and many because of you! A big design change. The entire website was re-built with a new look. Phew… Over 150 artists have shared their work in the galleries: Artists by surname Artists by process Over 20 new “how to” articles have been written by sharing and caring contributors. Our Facebook … Read more

Message to Artists: Where is my gallery?

To artists that USED TO have a gallery on Take a look and see if you can find your name on this list: We are in the progress of updating the galleries, and are half way there. (Yipee!). We have tried to contact everyone, but many of you have been represented for over 10 years and have since changed contact details. Send us an email to if … Read more


The sizing survey – take part

What is the best source of information if not photographers working actively with alternative photographic processes? By taking a short minute and answering a few questions you can share your own valuable experience.

The newsletter survey

We asked you what you think about our newsletter. 300 of you replied before we closed the survey. Here is what you thought.


The Big Cyanotype Exposure Survey – take part

The cyanotype is a great way to get started with alternative process, to help beginners figuring out the right exposure time – since they’re different dependent on your climate or where you are based – we are now doing a Cyanotype survey.