Phoenix Paper / brush sensibilisation

Citrate Copperplate Photogravure

This new citrate copperplate photogravure sensitizer has a number of undeniable advantages when used in copperplate photogravure, Hervé Sachy takes us through the process. Writer and photography / Hervé Sachy This is for experienced and advanced users only. The Fenton reaction for copperplate photogravure—Theorical principle of the use of Chiba System (a non toxic alternative to the dichromate processes). What is the Fenton reaction? The Fenton reaction is an oxidation … Read more

Photo intaglio test plate and print

How Carol Hayman works with photo intaglio plates

There are many variations to how artists work with their processes, here Carol Hayman describes her process when working with photo intaglio plates – also called photo etching and photogravure. Writer and photography / Carol Hayman My journey with polymer plates is a path along with the evolution of technology – the plates, transparencies, copy machines, PhotoShop, and digital cameras. The process is also called photo etching and photogravure. Real … Read more

An intaglio press in Hervé Sachy's studio.

Chrome free Copperplate photogravure process

Hervé Sachy has been working with Copper photogravure etchings for over 40 years, but was, due to the ban of dichromate forced to find a new way to do etchings. This resulted in a chrome free copper photogravure process – better for both the artist and the environment. Writer and photography / Hervé Sachy Hervé Sachy, who has lived in the South of France for the last 40 years, learned … Read more

Photogravure on copper

Andrea Canducci shows us how to make prints using a printing system from the electronics world.



Arrigo Mamone shows an alternative working method in heliography, preparing his own pigment paper.

Jurek Kawowski

Photopolymers – a brief description

A Photopolymer plate is a metal plate coated with a light-sensitive film and is ordinary made to use in graphic industry. This is a non-toxic process.

Lars Mellberg

Copper photogravure

Lars Mellberg shows us how he and his students work with the copper photogravure process.


Photopolymer printing on a budget

Jim Read proves yet again that – with a little work and a lot of imagination – photographic materials doesn’t have to cost a fortune.