Formulas and how-to

Figure 2: Development by the Push Rod Method.

Satista prints

A description of the Satista photographic print process by Marek Matusz.

Salt print

A dash of salt

A description of the salted paper print process with some interesting variations.

platinum and palladium

The platino-palladiotype process

The following method of printing in platinum, palladium, or a mixture of both metals, has been evolved to overcome the difficulties and disadvantages of the traditional platinotype.

Jurek Kawowski

Photopolymers – a brief description

A Photopolymer plate is a metal plate coated with a light-sensitive film and is ordinary made to use in graphic industry. This is a non-toxic process.

Kirk Toft

Oleobrom process

Working and adapting methods in the oleobrom process by Kirk V. Toft.

Lumen print by Marek Matuz

Lumen prints

Marek Matusz gives us a brief overview of an old camera-less process.

liquid emulsion process

The liquid emulsion process

Liquid emulsion, the process where you can apply the process to a surface of your own choice. Explained by Lloyd Godman