Gum bichromates

Hand Colored Gum Prints: When Art and Economics Collide

Whether to save money, time, or to explore creative options in your art, hand colored gum bichromate prints might just be the answer. Writer and photography / Peter J. Blackburn I have always loved film. My first roll was purchased back in 1970. To this very day, almost all of my gum and casein prints begin as a film captured … Read more

Simmone Simnchini gum print

Gum Diazo Printing v1.4

Writers / Maurizio Pizzigoni, Salvatore Abate and Simone Simoncini Research / Mr. Travis Pugh Photography / Simone Simoncini The present paper aims to be a reference guide to anyone in the EU willing to go on printing with pigmented gum while being fully compliant with the actual safety regulations regarding chemical substances (i.e. avoid the use of dichromate, illegal as of September … Read more

Figure 13: Assembly Pins into the paper Registration Strips

Gum print registration

Instructions to register gum prints. Gum bichromate printing requires multiple pass to get the right density both for black and white and color prints. Here is how. Writer and photography / Andrea Baldi A reliable registration system is helpful to get multiple layers of the gum prints that do not show any misalignment in the different passes. For example, when … Read more

Straining casein for photography

Breast milk and the casein print

Writer and photography / Christina Z. Anderson Christina Z. Anderson – author of Gum printing and other amazing contact printing processes, amongst other books – experiments yet again and this time uses breast milk to make casein prints or cottage cheese. Over the last two decades I have concentrated my photographic practice and research in the area of 19th century … Read more

Gum Bichromate Pigment Printing Norman Breslow

Gum Bichromate Pigment Printing – free e-book

Writer and photography / Norman Breslow Norman Breslow very kindly shares his e-book on Gum Bichromate Pigment Printing with us. Free to download, free to pass on. Norman’s e-book and many more are free to download. Don’t miss the chance!

A nice gum paper from an unexpected source!

Peter J. Blackburn gives a quick evaluation of an inexpensive art paper found at your local “big box” retailer! Writer and photography / Peter J. Blackburn Will wonders never cease? A few weeks ago as I made a quick foray into my nearby Walmart, I chanced to wander by the rather quaint art supply section located across from the sewing … Read more