Bromoils & oil

Bromoil print Uncoated. Spots very evident.

Bromoil Process – Cure for White Spots

White spots have become an ever-increasing issue when making Bromoil prints, and this is not limited to one paper manufacturer. This is how you solve it. Writer and photography / Dave Symonds FRPS EFIAP Papers used for bromoil: Foma 112 & 113 & Other Papers The problem seems to have increased over recent years and is not limited to one manufacturer. For example, older manufactured papers worked fine with the … Read more

Introduction to Oil and Bromoil printing

Jacques Kevers gives us an introduction to the oil and bromoil printing, from the history to practical application. Writer and photography /Jacques Kevers Oil prints, bromoil and mediobrome are processes that belong to a same family: all of them are based on the well known principle that oil is repelled by water. The oil print process was first described in 1855 by A. Poitevin, and put into practice by G.E.H. … Read more