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My unexpected best friend forever

It’s raining outside. In the past, rainy days used to irk me. After all, a dichromate printer who relies upon the sun as the sole UV source for printing demands cloud-free days. No sun, no prints.

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The alternative niche

Recently the New York Times ran an article titled “For Photographers, the Image of a Shrinking Path” In a nutshell, the writer said that the combination of smarter, less expensive digital cameras, photosharing sites such as flickr, and fewer magazine pages have resulted in a very tough market for commercial photographers.

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They did the impossible!

About a year and a half ago some Polaroid fans leased a closed instant film plant in Enschede (Netherlands), after Polaroid had first announced bankruptcy and then stopped making their much loved products. Named “The Impossible Project,” this group had the seemingly quixotic goal of reformulating and manufacturing instant film.