History of alt. proc.

Katayoun Dowlatshahi. Katayoun Dowlatshahi by Clare Freestone, 2022

A Historical Journey in Colour: Researching Yevonde & Vivex

Dr Katayoun Dowlatshahi, commissioned by The National Portrait Gallery in London, shares her journey creating 25 color carbon prints for the Yevonde: Life and Colour exhibition. Her research delves into historical pigments, the Vivex process, and the evolution of carbon printing, emphasizing accuracy in recreating Yevonde’s visionary work. Writer and photography / Dr Katayoun Dowlatshahi Yevonde: Life and Colour (2023).  Travelling by train through East Anglia, during February 2023 on … Read more

The handwritten letter from Mrs Mary Somerville to Sir John Herschel, please note it is dated September 20, 1845

Did Sir John Herschel or Mrs Mary Somerville discover anthotypes?

According to my research, it was Sir John Herschel who discovered the anthotype process and not Mrs Mary Somerville. As soon as I publish an article or text mentioning “Anthotype” and “Herschel”, I invariably get comments saying that it was Mrs Mary Somerville who “invented” the anthotype process. I have not seen any evidence of this in my research and share my findings here in chronological order. Writer / Malin … Read more

birthdays of inventors of alternative photographic processes

Today we are 23 years old! Help make a list of Inventors of alternative photographic processes

AlternativePhotography.com is now 23 years old. Help us make a list of birthdays for inventors of alternative photographic processes, women and men throughout history who contributed to making alt. photo. proc. to what they are today. Please note the information on this list is not verified with sources unless it states so (Wikipedia does not count as a source) and the name of the contributor is stated after each listing. … Read more

12 beautiful cyanotypes illustrate the calendar.

Anna Atkins tribute calendar

Our Anna Atkins tribute calendar featuring 12 beautiful cyanotypes in honour of Anna Atkins. 90+ artists sent in cyanotypes and 12 were selected to feature in our calendar to brighten your wall. Looking for the Calendar event? Click here to read more.   Anna Atkins tribute calendar – works for any year A4 size (21 x 29,7 cm or 8.3 x 11.7 inches) Wire-O binding Price: 28 USD, 26 EUR, … Read more

Photograph of Anna Atkins from 1861, licensed by Creative Commons.

Anna Atkins

In 1843 Anna Atkins published the first book of photography made using the cyanotype process called British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions. If you are a cyanotyper, you may also be interested in our tribute event to this true pioneer. Anna Children (maiden name of Anna Atkins) is born 16th of March 1799 in Tonbridge, Kent, UK, the daughter of John George Children (1777-1852) and Hester Anne Holwell (1777-1799). The house of … Read more

Cuprotype by Jim Patterson

Cuprotype history from 1850s until present

A Cuprotype is a photographic print of Copper II Ferrocyanide on paper or fabric. Jim Patterson gives us a history of the Cuprotype process. Writer / Jim Patterson with help from Niranjan Patel, Peter Friedrichsen, Frank Gorga, and Alberto Novo Photography / Jim Patterson, Peter Friedrichsen, Alberto Novo, Niranjan Patel and Frank Gorga A Cuprotype is a photographic print of Copper II Ferrocyanide on paper or fabric. Cuprum = copper … Read more

The Photographer's Friend Almanac and American Year Book of Photography for 1872 cover

The Photographer’s Friend Almanac and American Year Book of Photography for 1872

The Photographer’s Friend Almanac and American Year Book of Photography for 1872 contains recipes and information about cyanotypes, gelatine silver processes as well as a very interesting yellow pages section. Read it for free. This Photographer’s Friend Almanac was kindly donated to us by David Kempton scanned in and shared here for all of you to enjoy! David was gifted the book in the 1970s by a friend who is … Read more

Portrait of Mrs. Mary Somerville

The history of anthotypes

An excerpt from Anthotypes – Explore the darkroom in your garden and make photographs using plants. How the anthotype was discovered.

Print by Julia Margaret Cameron

A Brief History of Carbon Printing

An excerpt from The Carbon Print illustrating Ponton’s Discovery to the Alternative Process Revival. Writer / Sandy King and John Lockhart Photography / Alphonse-Louis Poitevin, Thomas Annan, Richard Miller, Julia Margaret Cameron, Frank Meadow Sutcliffe, Adolphe Braun The early interest in the carbon process grew out of the public concern with the major flaw of early salted paper prints – their tendency to fade. A. M. Marton’s 1905 manual A … Read more

Calotypes by Christopher Wright

Ancient ways, modern views

Calotypy for the 21st Century; Pt1: Dr Hugh Diamond’s Single Solution Process: Christopher Wright gives us a history of Calotypes and explains the process.

The art of bromoil and transfer

History of the bromoil process

The history of the bromoil process, invented in 1907 be Englishman C. Welbourne Piper on a suggestion from E.J. Wall. Written by David Lewis

slogans history

History of Photographic Words and Slogans

A list of photographic words and their origin. The article is a work in progress and any historians out there with their finger on the facts should feel free to add to this list.