Temperaprint photographers

Hellena Cleary

Hellena Cleary (1943-2018)

Hellena Cleary (1943-2018) sadly passed in April 2018, she was a pupil of Peter Fredrick, the inventor of the Tempera print process. She also worked in Photo-etching mediums. This gallery is in memory of her and her work. Lived: London, England. Shows: Temperaprints. Hellena Cleary thought of herself as a disciple and pupil of Peter Fredrick, the inventor of the Temperaprint process. She retired from a life of commercial photography … Read more

Alex Chater

Alex Chater

Alex Chater is a Temperaprint artist and photographer living in Southend on Sea in the UK. From: Southend on Sea in the UK. Shows: Temperaprints. “I like to make beautiful images. I like them to be fun; sometimes I like them for other reasons as well. It’s really what captures my imagination and what I feel about an image and what I feel it is saying. I like to treat … Read more

Peter Fredrick

Peter Fredrick (1935 – 2009)

Peter Charles Fredrick (1935 – 2009) – a master of Tempera printing has sadly passed away. He will be sadly missed, but his work remains. From: UK. Shows: Tempera prints. Peter Fredrick, born on the 9th April 1935, was a childhood survivor of the London Blitz. Peter started his working life as a professional photographer in the fields Advertising, Architecture and spent a short spell at the British Museum. He … Read more