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WCD2022 story so far

World cyanotype day – now closed for entries!

It’s here again, and it’s now open for entries, find physical locations here or read below how to enter in our gallery at See you there? We have started taking entries and will post them in our gallery until the deadline (midnight your time zone Cyanotype Day). Do make our lives a little easier by following ALL of these steps, please. 🙂 Create a cyanotype on this year’s theme “Enlighten”. … Read more

World Cyanotype Day

World cyanotype day – last Saturday in September

Once a year the cyanotype gets special attention. Since 2015 the cyanotype is celebrated on the last Saturday in September in the yearly event World cyanotype Day (WCD for short). The next time is the 30th of September 2023. Subscribe to the Cyanotype Newsletter, and you will be notified. Beginner or seasoned cyanotyper, don’t hesitate to take part!. How to take part in World Cyanotype Day 2023 If you know … Read more

Fotofest logo

FotoFest International – even years. Next one September 24th – November 6th, 2022

Fotofest is an international non-profit photographic arts and education organization based in Houston, Texas, even number of years, i.e. 2022, 2024, 2026, 2028 and so on, see the Fotofest website for specific details. Read more here: FotoFest created the first international Biennial of Photography and Photo-related Art in the United States. FotoFest is an international non-profit photographic arts and education organization based in Houston, Texas. FotoFest’s purpose is to … Read more

World Pinhole Photography Day

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day – last Sunday in April

WPPD, Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, is an international annual event. The website is run by a group of volunteers, who work to encourage people to learn the basics of photography. One way to learn is by joining one of the many workshops that take place around the globe on Pinholeday. If you host a workshop or other event related to Pinholeday, you can add it to the events page … Read more

Daguerreotype day – 29th of July

Daguerreotype day is the 29th of July in honour of the late Irving Pobboravsky. Daguerreotypists are invite to shoot a plate on the day and share them online. Daguerreotype day is a worldwide event and everyone is encouraged to take part. You can find more information here: Facebook: Take part!