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camera obscura pinhole camera image inside a room

Easily create a camera obscura

Nancy Breslin tests a camera obscura lens from the Finnish company called Bonfoton and turns an entire room into a camera obscure, reflecting the outside upside down on her wall and also recorded a video to show us. Writer and photography / Nancy Breslin ONLY FOR OUR READERS! A discount on ALL Bonfoton products from their website.  The code is … Read more

Picto’s test of Lightmeasure’s hand-held UV meter PPM2

Members of the Picto Benelux alternative photographic processes group tests the new hand-held UV-meter – the UV meter PPM2 – by Ian Parker at Writer / Jacques Kevers Photography / Images from and by René Smets Ian Parker at builds and sells a one-of-a-kind UV meter, designed specifically for artists who work with UV-sensitive media. Once established … Read more

Laguna Salinas I

How B&W photographic film works

David Kachel goes into detail to explain how black and white film works, sharing the ins and outs of B&W film. Writer and photography / David Kachel Knowledge is a thing that is easily lost to a society. Worse, it is even more easily discarded. We humans behave a lot like crows in one respect: if we see something shiny, … Read more

Polaroid EE100 camera

Wet plate collodion with a Polaroid camera

Got an old Polaroid camera sitting around somewhere? Since the camera film making business is on decline (Polaroid is no more, Fuji film is still around) the camera needs to find other uses. For example; take the film holder and convert it to an excellent wet plate holder. Jalo Porkkala shows you how.

Preserving your film photographs

If you want your grandchildren to see your film photos, there are several factors that you must take into consideration to preserve the original state of your pictures. Here are some tips that could help you preserve your film photographs.