Calendars and journals

Academic wall planner 2023-2024

Back to School? Academic 2023-2024 wall planner in Anna Atkins style

Anna Atkins tribute planners featuring 60 beautiful cyanotypes in honour of Anna Atkins. This year we ran an Anna Atkins tribute event and 90+ artists sent in cyanotypes. 60 were selected. If you are looking for the calendar, it’s here or the journal here.   Anna Atkins tribute planners 2024 wall planner The Anna Atkins tribute planner 2024 is a yearly wall planner for you to hang on your wall … Read more

Anna Atkins tribute journal 2024 - Week starting Monday

Anna Atkins Journal – now in 2 formats: Starting Monday and starting Sunday

We ran an Anna Atkins event earlier this year, and first, an Anna Atkins calendar was created with 12 cyanotypes, but to be able to showcase as many cyanotype artists as possible we also made a journal – or daily planner – that enables us to show off 60 cyanotypes. It was a lot of work to make it, but now it’s here! If you want to go straight to … Read more

Anna Atkins tribute calendar front 2024

Anna Atkins tribute calendar – available now!

After our very successful event with 90+ artists sending in cyanotypes to honour Anna Atkins (if you are looking for the journal it’s here) –> Order your copy of the Anna Atkins tribute calendar here Good news #1: We have selected the winners of our Anna Atkins tribute event. The jury had a really tough time selecting ONLY 12 cyanotypes since there were 90+ entries and many many were very … Read more