Colour: Brown

Ashoka tree (Saraca asoca) +2 other anthotype by Archana Verma Kakar

Arjuna tree (Terminalia Arjuna) + Others anthotype by Archana Verma Kakar

“Epiphany” by Archana Verma Kakar
Country: India
Plants used: Turmeric, Onion skins, and my homemade brown ink from the Arjuna tree
Parts used: Flowers
Application: Brushing
Exposure time: 5 hours
Month, season and year: August, summer 2022
Substrate: Bustro 300gsm Watercolour paper (25 percent cotton)
Contrast of final print: ** (Medium)

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Guinness, Coffee and Red Cabbage (Rubrum Brassica) anthotype by Bengisu Çaygür

Red Cabbage (Rubrum Brassica) + Beer + Coffee anthotype by Bengisu Çaygür

“Polychrome” by Bengisu Çaygür
Country: Turkey
Parts used: Liquid (Black Guinness Beer) + Granulated powder (Guinness Coffee) + Leaves (Red Cabbage)
Application: Splashing technique with a brush
Exposure time: 2 days
Month, season and year: June, Summer, 2022
Substrate: Watercolour paper (Canson, 200 gsm, small grain)
Contrast of final print: ** (Medium)

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