General alternative processes

Composites calendar inside monday

Composite calendar – alternative processes

Our Composite calendar features 12 beautiful images in alternative processes. There are 2 versions available wide or tall with various shipping options. Wide format coming soon!   Composite calendar – 2025 – TALL format Order to USA and Canada: 2025 week starting Monday 2025 week starting Sunday Ledger (11 x 16.5″) size 37 USD Wire with hook top Order to Europe, Asia and Rest of the World: 2025 week starting … Read more

Sustainable options

Fill out the survey and contribute to this page, which aims to be a living document and a resource and a page containing a list of more sustainable options for some of the chemicals used in alternative photographic processes. The survey will be open until the end of May. Researched by / Malin Fabbri, Anne Eder and Henri Blommers The survey is now closed. Thank you for taking part. The … Read more

Birthday cards by Kathleen Mumma, Amy Heller, Anne Guest and Ralph Rinke

Happy 24th birthday to us!

We have a big surprise for you! It’s unbelievable, but we have been here for 24 years, so Happy birthday to us AND you. Some of you have been with us from the very start, and that we thank you extra for. We also welcome our new visitors, now over 60,000 visitors per week on! We want you to learn, get inspired and connect and over the years we … Read more

Anna Atkins tribute journal 2024 - Week starting Monday

Calendar event: The theme is Composites! The calendar, journal and book are here!

Our next Calendar & Journal event will most likely take part in 2025 – sign up for the newsletter and you’ll be notified! Calendar & Journal has so far been a success, and we are planning to hold it again – the added benefit is that we also have really inspiring planning tools for the entire year! See the images in the gallery and the calendar, journal and Pure Inspiration … Read more

Xmas and Birthday card event

Call for entries: Christmas AND Birthday card event 2023. Deadline 8th of July!

To help spread the word of alt. proc. we now are doing Christmas AND Birthday card event. Cards that can be sent to friends and family – and perhaps inspire someone to start their own journey of alt. proc. photography! Links:  Christmas card gallery  |  Birthday card gallery | Call for entries | Still open for entries until 8th of July 2023. Cards will be available in our Etsy store once … Read more

Which type are you?

Which type are you? New t-shirt!

We had some fun and designed a new t-shirt. We think you may get some questions wearing it… and a good conversation starter… The items can be bought at Cafe Press: All designs at Cafe Press “Which type are you?” Design Show your love for alt. proc.! Anthotype… Daguerrotype… Cyanotype… Which type are you?

what is alternative photography?

What is Alternative Photography? Interpretations of the term

The term Alternative Photography can be interpreted in many ways. The question “What do you consider to be ‘Alternative Photography’?” in the DAP (Dutch Alternative Photography) survey, sparked controversy on the subject and provided a basis for a debate between alternative and Analogue Photography organizations held at the Revela-T festival on 20th June 2015. Here is a summary of the discussion. Writer / An Zuriel Alternative Photography as a term … Read more

brushcoating, rod coating, dip coating

Coating paper by floating, rod or brush

The three most common ways of coating emulsion onto paper are floating the paper, using a coating rod, or brushing it on. An extract from the book Alternative Photography Processes.

Health and safety procedures

Health and safety procedures: The most important information you can have about these processes is in this area, it could stop you becoming sensitized to the chemicals, getting sick or even save your life.

printing preparations

Preparations for iron-based printing

The equipment, materials and handling procedures you will need for the three iron-based processes – new cyanotype, argyrotype and platino-palladiotype.