Carlotta Luke

Carlotta Luke’s work explores the relationship between places, people and objects in 3 locations. See her cyanotypes here.
From: Lewes, East Sussex, UK.
Shows: Cyanotypes.

Carlotta Luke’s photographic work has been guided by a lifelong interest in place and how people and objects inhabit their settings. Having had three culturally distinct homes – New England, Northern California and East Sussex – she finds constant inspiration in the differences between their light, landscape, architecture and ways of life. As early as her teen years, she used photography to explore the relationship between people and their environments, and the connection of buildings to personal history.

On the 5th November, Carlotta’s hometown of Lewes, East Sussex, in the UK, commemorates Guy Fawkes Night with a Bonfire celebration of epic proportions. Quiet streets turn wild with flaing torches and exploding fireworks, and swell with visitors eager to witness costumed locals processing through the streets.

“Photography is my way of understanding the significance of Lewes Bonfire celebrations to those who march through Lewes’ hilly streets until their feet ache and their children fall asleep on their shoulders. There’s a sense of intimacy within the ranks, a camaraderie less tangible than the eye-catching turbulent spectacle. I have chosen these portraits because I feel an emotional connection to the subjects. They capture an elusive moment within the chaos.”

This series of Lewes Bonfire portraits of the famous Guy Fawkes celebrations has been collected into a beautiful art photography book. More information is available here:

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