Call for entries: Share, Tag or Dye Again, submit by 27 feb, exhibitions start end of March, then June, July and September

Share, Tag or Dye

– Open Call – stays open until Feb 27, theoretically (we might have to close it earlier, if we reach 300 submissions – count on the 15 feb is 100 
– Exhibition dates – all are not decided:
  • end March – Camera, Cluj-Napoca, RO
  • early June – Lapsus, Timișoara RO (part of Timișoara 2023 European Capital of Culture)
  • late June/early July – Borderline Art Space, Iași, RO
  • 19-23 July – Experimental Photo Festival, Barcelona, ES – we will also be holding a bunch of workshops (postdigital approaches, cyanotype, mordancage)
  • mid-September – 2/3 galeria, Bucharest, RO – this will be the final show in the circuit (also hosted at this really gorgeous gallery downtown Bucharest), so it will also host a series of satellite events – artist talks and panels, publication launch (in case we pull it through and find some funding for it) and perhaps some special for Cyanotype day?

In case you’re seeing this for the first time, Share, Tag or Dye Again is again really simple, straightforward, free for all, no selection, no fuss, international open call, covering all mediums and types of art.

Be a part of it by sending us a link to a post (yes, post, not profile – we want YOU to choose) where you self-promote(d) your work on social media over the last 6 months (this is important, we want it fresh! Basically, a post that you published after we closed the previous open call). We prefer Instagram, but you do you. We’d love to discover new social media platforms and don’t feel like it needs to be image based. Also, if you were among the beautiful contributing gang of 2022, we’d love to have you among us again (just make sure to send us something new!).

Here’s the 1-minute form you need to complete for that:

Basically, what we are gathering here is one big batch of contributions that will come together into one bold installation in spring 2023. There is no selection process (we cannot stress this enough), but we do have limited space available. Everything is “First come, first served”, so make haste!

Once we’ve gathered a mountain of links, we’ll do what we know best (again): a big ass collective installation where the newest online streams become one united body by means of a nearly 200 year old photographic technique – the cyanotype. You can have a look at the first Share, Tag or Dye installation here:

And here:

The fresh installation will travel to 3 hot places in 3 corners of Romania throughout 2023 – Cluj-Napoca (Camera), Timișoara (Lapsus) and Iași (Borderline Art Space), followed by a trip to the Experimental PhotoFestival EXP.23 in Barcelona. Last stop will be back home in Bucharest, at 2/3 Galeria.

What say you? If you don’t feel like saying anything really, just show us. 

We’ll be all eyes and hands on deck, to bring this collective work to life!


Share, Tag or Dye Again project is lovingly manned by the Allkimik Photographic Association in partnership with Marginal, Alternative Photography and The Romanian National Institute for Research & Development of Textiles and Leather, respectively Camera, Lapsus, Borderline Art Space, Experimental PhotoFestival (ES), 2/3 galeria and VAGon – in(ter)disciplined space.


Share, Tag or Dye Again is co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN).

The project does not necessarily represent the position of The Administration of the National Cultural Fund. The Administration of the National Cultural Fund is not responsible for the content of the project or the manner in which the results of the project may be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the funding recipient.


Media Partners:

Radio România Cultural, Iqads, Igloo, Curatorial, Propagarta, Ziarul Metropolis, Revista Golan, 

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