Calendar & Journal – Composites – Alternative Photographic Processes

The 2025 Calendar and Journal event has the theme “Composites”! Now closed for entries, read how to take part.

Composites theme: Combining images from separate sources, replacing selected parts of an image, multiple exposures or collages of images. You can also combine different processes and materials. Of course ANY alternative processes are allowed! To read more about how each image is a composite, click on it and read the text underneath the image. See the calendar, journal and Pure Inspiration book from this year’s event.


Artists taking part in the event

Artists that also have a gallery on will be displayed with a link to the gallery so you can see their full portfolio. To get a gallery, take a look here.

➥ Aindreas Scholz, UK. The Most Beautiful Anthropocene # 01. Instagram: @aindreasscholz
➥ Alessandro Jazeolla, Italy. A season in Rome. Gallery: Instagram: @alessandroiazeolla
➥ Amy Heller, USA. Starry Eyes. Instagram: @amyhellerartist
➥ Anne Guest, UK. Flamboyant flight. Gallery: Instagram: @anneguest.artist
➥ António Rebolo, Portugal. Scott’s color mosaic.
➥ Artem Chepurko, Ukraine. Narcissus. Instagram: @artem_prints
➥ Bernd Hutschenreuther, Germany. Leaf and forms. Gallery:
➥ Bonnie O App, USA. Imagine. Instagram: @bonoapp
➥ Brian P. Nieman, USA. Look Up. Gallery: Instagram: @brianpnieman
➥ Bridget Arnold, UK. Alliums Collage. Gallery: Instagram: @Bridget9696
➥ Carmen Ayala, Spain. Granada. Gallery:
➥ Carolina Carmini, Brazil. Outras paisagens. Instagram: @caos.analogico
➥ Carolyn Hope, New Zealand. Calathea in Brass Pot.
➥ Christiane Schatz, Germany. Two Hearts. Instagram: @trennbild
➥ Christina Osborne, Germany. A misty day in Rheinland-Pfaltz. Instagram: @chrissy_lgbt
➥ Christine Kashuba, Canada. Reckless Abandon. Instagram: @christinekashuba
➥ Claudia Hollister, USA. Muse in Spring. Instagram: @claudiahollister
➥ Clive Pigott, New Zealand. Earthquake-prone Chapel Composite. Instagram: @artfuldodgephoto
➥ Colin Penley, USA. Sardine Dressing. Instagram: @cyan_pen
➥ David Aimone, USA. Five Trees, Sao Miguel. Gallery: Instagram: @aimonephoto
➥ David Jeffery, From: London, UK / Sweden. Beneath the Surface. Gallery:
➥ David Lowe, England. Stained Glass Fragment. Gallery: Instagram: @handalteredphotomontages
➥ David Symonds, UK. Smokin’ Joe. Gallery: Instagram: @1photosym1
➥ Dennis Humphrey, Canada. Last(ing) impressions. Gallery: Instagram: @kamiya_artisan
➥ Dolce Malatesta, USA. Dream Stream. Instagram: @dolcemalatesta
➥ Els Wiering, Spain, Cyanotype collage Aquascapes 04. Gallery: Instagram: @elswiering
➥ Émilie Léger, Canada. Fragments de Réalité. Gallery: Instagram:
➥ Emmanuelle Ferron, France. Bloon. Instagram: @blue_alchimy
➥ Eva Botofte, Denmark. Vertical City. Instagram: @evabotofte
➥ Florence Duesterbeck, Canada. Awareness Leads to Prevention (Dutch Elm Disease).
➥ Francis Baker, USA. Atmospheric Microplastic. Gallery: Instagram: @francis_baker_studio
➥ Fruma Markowitz, USA. May you be blessed. May you be protected. Instagram:
➥ Gab Kiess, Berlin, Germany. White cubes. Instagram: @gab_kiess
➥ Gabriele Coassin, Italy. Double ivies, Yin & Yang.
➥ Galina Manikova, Norway. Where do you come from? Gallery: Instagram: @galinamanikova
➥ Gery Oth and Reiny Rizzy, Luxemburg, Taking Roots.
➥ Hanne Lange Houlberg, Denmark. Growth. Gallery: Instagram: @hanne_lange_houlberg
➥ Helene Barrette, Canada. Daisies.
➥ Ilze Aviks, USA. Spring. Gallery: Instagram: @ilzeaviks
➥ Jacqui Penrose, Australia. Blue bird. Instagram:
➥ Jane A. Wiley, USA. She Is Crowned Victory. Instagram: @jawiley
➥ Jane Linders, USA. Observer. Gallery: Instagram: @janeannlinders
➥ Janet Fine, USA. Crawl. Instagram:
➥ Jen Perena, USA. PACKed Composite. Instagram: @kallitypegirl
➥ Jo Howell, UK. Spectrum. Instagram: @maverickartjo
➥ John Ansell, Australia. Eyes in the Forest.
➥ Jude Kaye, USA. Complex Dahlia Mirrors Tiffany Dome. Instagram: @judith_jude_kaye
➥ Julie McMahon, UK. South Foreland. Instagram: @mcfingerprints
➥ Kathleen Vukasovich, USA. Corgi Bride. Instagram: @kvukasovich_artist
➥ Kaye Dixon, Australia. First Fleet Botanica
➥ Kevin Rose Schultz, USA. Nature Sprite. Instagram: @kevin.rose.schultz
➥ Kim Tillyer, UK. Gallery: Labyrinth. Instagram: @Witchmountain
➥ Kimberly Hart, USA. On a Clear Day. Instagram: @krhartstudio
➥ Larz Grenier, USA. Landscape. Gallery: Instagram: @larz_grenier
➥ Laurinda Bellew, UK. First Light. Instagram:
➥ Leah Campbell, USA. Floating Forest. Instagram: @leah__campbell
➥ Libby Mornement, UK. Navigation. Gallery: Instagram: @bloemen_and_blue
➥ Lisa Brussell, USA, Caged Bird. Instagram: @lisabrussell
➥ Malin Fabbri, Sweden. Awaiting spring. Gallery: Instagram:
➥ Manuel Castañeda, Mexico, Manhattan Smiles. Instagram: @castaneda_v_
➥ Margrieta Jeltema, Italy. Snowdrops. Gallery: Instagram: @margrije
➥ Marian Fannon Christian, UK. Fly Me To The Moon. Gallery: Instagram: @m.fannonchristian
➥ Martine Marie-Anne Chartrand, Canada. Mid~Night~Mare No.3. Gallery: Instagram: @touskifaitoutmartine
➥ Mary Shisler, USA. Medicine Shield – Blue Planet
➥ Melissa Wilgis, USA. Growing. Instagram: @onefinefotogram
➥ Mona Benediktsson, Norway. Friends in the forest.
➥ Montserrat Rodríguez aka nyx10110, Catalonia, Spain. From branch #3. Instagram: @nyx10110
➥ Muffin Bernstein, USA. Swallowtail with Dandelion.
➥ Nadine Defranoux, USA and France. Survive. Instagram: @artnanoux
➥ Nan Wollman, USA. Birds Not Bombs. Gallery: Instagram: @nanwollman
➥ Natalia Tcherniak, Canada. Cosmos. Gallery: Instagram: @nattchbob
➥ Nathan Foster, USA. The Doctor Will See You Now.
➥ Paige Billin-Frye, USA. Takamaa. Instagram: @paigebillinfryeillustration
➥ Palle Lindgaard-Jørgensen, Denmark. That doggie in the window. Gallery: Instagram: @lindgaardpalle
➥ Patricia Vega, Canada. Morning Dew. Instagram: @patriciavega_printart
➥ Paula Smith, UK. Daisy Chain Gallery: Instagram: @infusionsart
➥ Pedro Mendes Leal, Portugal. Love over Gold. Gallery: Instagram: @pedromendesleal
➥ Peggy Reeves, USA. An Orgy of Saccharine Beauty. Gallery: Instagram: @_peggy_reeves_
➥ Ralph Rinke, Canada. Midnight Moose. Gallery: Instagram: @ralphrinke
➥ Rebecca Bruyn, USA. The Inside-Outside Light. Gallery:
➥ Rebecca Clark, USA. Evoke. Gallery: Instagram: @rebeccaclarkphoto
➥ Rhonda Lee Usipiuk, Canada. Nightfall. Instagram: @rhondaleeusipiuk
➥ Richelle Forsey, Canada, Have Hold Hide (vessel #4) Instagram: @richelle4c
➥ Rita Mungiardi, Italy. Dancing around flowers. Gallery:
➥ Robert A. Schaefer, Jr., USA. Visitor’s Center. Gallery: Instagram: @ras2pro
➥ Robert Poole, UK. Evening ebb. Gallery: Instagram: @professorrob
➥ Samantha Parker, UK. Fragmented clematis. Instagram: @samanthaparkerartist
➥ Scott Wittenburg, USA. Vintage Pump. Gallery:
➥ Sharlene Holliday, USA. Under The Sea.
➥ Sherry Insley, USA. Shark Bait.
➥ Sonja Schaeffeler, Switzerland. The Good Earth. Gallery: Instagram: @sonjaschaeffeler
➥ Sophie Sanders, USA. Leap of Faith. Instagram: @sanderssophie
➥ Sue Ridge, UK. Cyanotype with Prisms.
➥ Susan Chainey, USA. Packin’ My Blues. Gallery: Instagram: @susanchainey
➥ Suzanne Izzo, USA. The Golden Gate Meets the Art Museum.
➥ Teresa Guxens, Spain. Looking back. Instagram: @artinteresa
➥ Toni Harris, Australia. Dieu.
➥ Tricia Peery, USA. North Star. Instagram: @bluezinniastudio
➥ Tuula Pystynen, Finland. Madonna della Melagrana.
➥ Wendy Currie, Australia. Potato digger’s hut. Gallery: Instagram: @wmc999
➥ Wisteria, France, Submergée. Instagram: @wisteria_sinensis

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    Rhonda Usipiuk’s artwork captures the essence of walking through the lush forests on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. The intricate details of the ferns in the painting remind me of the natural beauty that surrounds me daily. The artist’s skillful use of color and texture creates a sense of depth and movement, as if the ferns are swaying gently in the breeze. Overall, Usipiuk’s work is a stunning tribute to the natural world and a testament to her artistic talent.

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