Calendar & Journal – Composites – Alternative Photographic Processes

The 2025 Calendar and Journal event has the theme “Composites”! Open for entries until 31 March, read how to take part.
Composites: Combining images from separate sources, replacing selected parts of an image, multiple exposures or collages of images. You can also combine different processes and materials. So, time to get creative! Of course ANY alternative processes are allowed! To read more about how each image is a composite, click on it and read the text underneath the image.

See last year’s Calendar & Journal  with Anna Atkins theme.

Artists taking part in the event

Artists that also have a gallery on will be displayed with a link to the gallery so you can see their full portfolio. To get a gallery, take a look here.

➥ Bonnie O App, USA. Imagine. Instagram: @bonoapp
➥ Bridget Arnold, UK. Alliums Collage. Gallery: Instagram: @Bridget9696 ➥
➥ Carmen Ayala, Spain. Granada. Gallery: ➥
➥ Christine Kashuba, Canada. Reckless Abandon. Instagram: @christinekashuba ➥
➥ David Lowe, England. Stained Glass Fragment. Gallery: Instagram: @handalteredphotomontages
➥ Dennis Humphrey, Canada. Last(ing) impressions. Gallery: Instagram: @kamiya_artisan
➥ Gery Oth and Reiny Rizzy, Luxemburg, Taking Roots. ➥
➥ Hanne Lange Houlberg, Denmark. Growth. Gallery: Instagram: @hanne_lange_houlberg
➥ Hanne Lange Houlberg, Denmark. Growth. Gallery: Instagram: @hanne_lange_houlberg
➥ Kim Tillyer, UK. Fox Labyrinth. Instagram: @Witchmountain ➥
➥ Larz Grenier, USA. Landscape. Gallery: Instagram: @larz_grenier
➥ Lisa Brussell, USA, Caged Bird. Instagram: @lisabrussell
➥ Manuel Castañeda, Mexico, Manhattan Smiles. Instagram: @castaneda_v_ ➥
➥ Robert A. Schaefer, Jr., USA. Visitor’s Center. Gallery: Instagram: @ras2pro ➥
➥ Sonja Schaeffeler, Switzerland. The Good Earth. Gallery: Instagram: @sonjaschaeffeler
➥ Susan Chainey, USA. Packin’ My Blues. Gallery: Instagram: @susanchainey
➥ Teresa Guxens, Spain. Looking back. Instagram: @artinteresa
➥ Wisteria, France, Submergée. Instagram: @wisteria_sinensis

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